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5 items that need to be paid attention to when making the lamp box of jewelry display cabinet

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5 items that need to be paid attention to when making the lamp box of jewelry display cabinet

The light box of jewelry display ark basically has two kinds of function, one is to be used as a sign, show company image, two is propaganda product use.One kind is the baozhu light box, the baozhu light box generally has only one, the most two, the main is to convey product information.One is the back cabinet light box.The counter light box is usually five or more, half convey brand image, half convey product information.There are many kinds of laminar materials, such as real, aluminum, acrylic, lacquer and glass.

1, about the production of jewelry display ark box we used to speak very little, it is because of different brand and store environment with light box is more easier, after all, no can change at any time, the key is light box display effect and the visual impact more on the picture instead of the internal structure.However, as a jewelry store display equipment and one of the promotional media light boxes, its production is also exquisite.Today wanbang design and you will discuss some of the fussy about making light boxes.

2, we know that the jewelry display ark of light box display screen was pretty big, especially as a separate section appears in the public eye, sometimes as a corner or edge or boutique image decoration and exhibition, its role is not just a light box so simple, at this point, it has become a shining independent, unique scenery line all around.The internal structure of the light box is relatively less rigid, customizing is relatively simple, so the light box painting is very important.When we choose or make lamp boxes, we should also pay attention to some key points.

First, we must determine the theme, the object of publicity and the style of publicity.Secondly, we should make our own light box. In short, we want to make the picture object that matches our brand.

Finally, the production style of the light box should keep pace with The Times.

3. There are some details that need to be noted in the process of making light box drawings.For example: the product picture of light box must be extremely clear, can think the characteristic of the product to be incisively and vividly, so that can arouse customer to buy desire;Like the advertisement of dove chocolate, it seems that you can smell the fragrance, feel the smooth, and let you linger.If you pass through the window of zhou's life, you will surely sigh, in the big picture poster, Lin zhiling's image is lifelike.Now who go to a restaurant is not a recipe to see the menu first, that the dishes look bright, clear images, food, clean, clear will get the favour of consumers.This is called the visual effect.

4, in the present and stent lamp box, we usually also should pay attention to some details, jewelry display ark present box frame is compared commonly big, so it's best to choose the brand T8 stent lamp, high brightness, long life;The light box of the back cabinet USES T5 bracket light;The heat dissipation is also very large, so pay attention to the heat sink.In terms of replacement, assembly and transportation, the design and production of the light box should also be paid more attention. Make sure that the display screen of the jewelry display cabinet needs to be replaced easily.Once there is a new product launch, or a period of the shopping mall to do the activity, generally needs to change the propaganda picture;Therefore, the fixed mode of the design should be carefully designed to make it easier to replace.The back cabinet light box is generally small, can consider the lamp-type lamp box, or the dark groove type structure;The box lamp box is bigger, can consider frame structure, or open door structure and so on.It can be used in the process of iron spray and wood paint.

In this paper, we will be able to display cabinet design experience in jewelry store for 20 years, and help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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