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How important is the diversity of jewelry display cabinets!

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:576    Pubtime:2020-09-16 09:43:41

As we all know, the store's jewelry cases and often in a particular area or modelling to layout and display, according to the size of the space and regional function jewelry cases and exhibits, such as jewelry often can bring out the best in each other's effect;In addition, the counters and decorations in the store are more likely to create a variety of ambience, which can be used to capture the hearts of potential customers.

However, the jewelry display cases in the window also have their own specific display and layout principles, you know?Window-oriented groups are broader and more diverse, and are often recommended for seasons, festivals, celebrations, new products...Such elements are closely combined to play a role in promoting the season and festivals.This seasonal and seasonal method satisfies the psychological characteristics of customers' purchase and is well used to expand sales and explore potential customers.

In the first place, you should understand the display and arrangement of the jewelry display and display, and the diversity is mainly reflected in the following:

1. Specific type of window and jewelry display cabinet layout: that is to use different art form and treatment method, in a window to focus on a certain jewelry and other products,

For example, single jewelry specific display and jewelry model specific display.

2. Integrated window and jewellery display: it is an integrated display of a number of unrelated jewelry items in a window to form a complete window display.This kind of window decorate because the difference between goods is bigger, must be careful when design, otherwise give a person a kind of "mixed congee" feeling.It can be divided into the horizontal window arrangement, the longitudinal window layout, the unit window layout, specific to the size of the window and the property of the jewelry to be displayed to determine.

3. Exhibition window and jewelry display case: it is centered on an advertisement topic, and around a certain jewelry, etc.,

Organize different types of goods to be displayed, and transmit an appeal to the mass media.Also can be divided into: holiday display -- to celebrate a certain festival as the theme to make a festival window topic;Event display -- a window that combines the associated goods with the theme of an activity in society;Scene display - to set up a specific scene in the window for a variety of related items to induce customer purchase according to the use of the goods.

And jewelry cases and 4, the system type window layout: mainly for large and medium-sized shopping malls, because of the large and medium-sized store window area is larger, can according to the category of goods, performance, factors, such as material, use combination, respectively, on display in a shop window.

5. Seasonal window display: according to seasonal changes, the seasonal commodities will be displayed, such as sweaters and trench coats in the early spring and early spring, summer clothes, sandals and straw hats displayed at the end of spring and early summer.This technique satisfies the psychological characteristics of customers' seasonal purchase and is used to expand sales.But seasonal displays must be displayed in advance a month before the season, introducing them to the customers, so as to play the role of seasonal propaganda.

Jewelry store window is not only the appearance of part of the overall decoration, and is the first exhibition hall of jewelry and so on, it is our mainly engage in the sale of goods, use opportunely scenery and props, decorated with background images for the foil, with suitable lighting, colour and text, is a comprehensive advertising commodities introduction and propaganda art form.

Every road direct manufacturer prompts you to jewelry display ark, consumers before entering the store, will inadvertently window-shopping, so, the design of the window and propaganda has important influence on consumer buying mood.The design of the window, the first thing to highlight the characteristics of goods, at the same time can make window dressing and introduce goods comply with the general psychology of consumer behavior, namely after let consumers see beauty, comfort, good feeling and look forward to the mood.A good window layout can be used to introduce products, guide consumption, promote the role of sales, and become a shop front to attract the art of passing pedestrians.

All road jewelry display cabinet direct selling factory: 20 years jewelry store display cabinet design experience, help you to promote brand value quickly.

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