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All kinds of jewelry showcase design ideas, which one is more suitable for you?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:252    Pubtime:2018-08-10 17:26:56
Jewelry showcases are containers used to display jewelry. Divided into glass, metal, wood and other materials! In general, the jewelry showcases of our jewelry stores include: gold jewelry, jade jewelry, gemstone jewelry, and antique jewelry, etc., with the same design principles, but the display cabinets of each category have their own characteristics. All kinds of jewelry showcase design ideas, which one is more suitable for you? Funroad Jewelry Showcase will introduce you to the design concept of jewelry showcase.

Gold showcases: Gold jewelry is beautifully worn and worn. It is the most popular wedding accessory in China. With the annual growth of gold jewelry sales, it also drives the development of the showcase industry, from the initial single show to the present. The overall artistic design consciousness and the perfection of anti-theft technology all reflect the modern technology and drive the development of the entire industrial chain.

Gemstone showcases: Gemstones have more types of jewelry than other metal minerals, such as rubies, sapphires, diaspore, vermiculite, garnet, tourmaline, etc. All of the above gems are known for their fashion, so most gems counters are based on fashion design, such as bright, simple colors.

Collection showcases: There are many museums across the country, but there are still very few jewellery museums, and there are fewer private jewellery museums. The jewellery collection is to let young people understand the jewellery knowledge and understand the potential value of jewellery. Collections and jewellery are unique. In terms of display cabinet design, spacious viewing angles and lighting design are important.

Jadeware Showcase: The love of jade articles by the Chinese people has existed since ancient times, and the degree of love is no less than that of other types of jewelry. 'The gentleman has no reason to go to the body.' It is a kind of virtue of ancient jade. In today’s fast-developing era, Jade always uses it. The unique charm blends with culture, art, religion and other fields. In the design of the showcase, most of them use retro and elegant design techniques to reflect the aesthetic taste of modern jade.

The beautifully crafted jewelry showcases set off the product and become a bright spot in the shopping venue. In the process of making the showcase, we need to do a lot of considerations, such as the culture of the company, the characteristics of the products, the space of the display, etc., all of which need to be investigated and understood in order to better integrate the showcase with the products to achieve better. Visual effects that attract customers.

The introduction of the design concept of the jewelry showcase is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to working with you.
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