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The jewelry store showcases the matching skills, so that customers can't open their eyes!

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Store merchandise display is a visual marketing technique. Relying on different display spaces, using various props, artworks and accessories, combining the elements of culture, art, taste, fashion, personality and other elements on the basis of product style positioning, through the various display techniques, the product's functionality , features, styles, or sales campaign themes are fully expressed.


The purpose of the store display is to make people (franchisees, customers) have a clear understanding of the attributes, functions, characteristics, quality, style and grade of the goods within a certain range of the product display space or the sales space, attracting attention, leaving an impression and generating The desire to close the merchandise and purchase merchandise, to maximize the display of merchandise to stimulate merchandise sales, create brand influence, and spread the brand culture.

Counter focus setting
The most visible location, showing some representative, luxurious and exaggerated goods, products that reflect the strength of the store.
Easy to see location, gold display space, display some distinctive, high-profit goods.
You can see the location, display some stable sales, standing goods.


Window display principle
Consider the customer's sight: When people see things, they naturally look up from the top down. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the visual focus to capture the customer's sight.
Clearly display the goods: be sure to let the customer understand the style design, material and wearing feeling of the jewelry.
Simple composition: The number of jewellery in the window space should not be too much, and the combination of type and color should not be too complicated, and it should be simple. It is persuasive to focus on the goods that you want to be seen.

The importance of blank
Make jewelry stand out among the many jewels. Appropriate white space is important because blanks can cut off other things and focus on the jewelry to be highlighted.

The introduction of the matching skills of the jewelry store showcase is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to working with you.
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