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Analysis of the reasons for the yellowing of the paint display cabinet!

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:221    Pubtime:2018-10-12 17:40:27
Analysis of the three factors that make the paint showcase turn yellow, the showcase is now one of the items that we can often see in our lives, so in the process of using us, the showcase will change with time, so what is the discoloration of the showcase? What is the cause? Let's take a look at it.

1. The quality of the paint itself

Because the paint color of the paint showcase is good, it can improve the grade of the commercial place. Therefore, we can see in various commercial places that the paint showcase has become a common commercial showcase. The yellowing of the paint showcase is a gradual process. Generally speaking, the white paint is more obvious than other colors. Although the paint showcase will turn yellow, the customers are still loyal to the paint showcase. Because the gloss and brightness of the paint are not comparable to others.

The material of the paint itself will be oxidized and yellowed by the influence of chemical substances. Generally, the inferior paint has many oxidized components, and the yellowing is fast. The high-quality paint has high anti-oxidation degree, and the yellowing will be slower.

2. When the surface of the paint is dusty, it is often wiped with water or affected by alkali.

The surface of the paint is often wiped with water. It is exposed to alkaline substances and absorbs heat. This will make the surface of the paint yellow, so we should regularly maintain our paint showcase to avoid direct sunlight, waterproof and moisture.

3. The cause of the curing agent

There is a free component in the curing agent, but this component will react with the ultraviolet light in the light to make the paint showcase yellow. For example, some merchants put the paint showcase on the outdoor activities, so that the sun shines directly on the showcase, the paint on the surface is easily oxidized, and there will be yellowing, and the more free components, the faster the yellowing speed will be. Therefore, the showcases for outdoor use are generally paints that are resistant to yellowing quality, but they are not exposed to the outside.

The introduction to the analysis of the reasons for the yellowing of the paint showcase is here. Funroad Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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