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Jewelry window - the best "image endorsement" in jewelry stores

Source:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:375    Pubtime:2018-10-13 17:56:16
Jewelry showcase display is the matching and configuration of the products in the overall space of the jewelry store. The use of functional and aesthetic charm makes the display of jewelry showcase more dramatic. The combination of different display modes can produce eye-catching jewelry showcases. Display, strengthen the expression of the brand image, achieve better visual marketing effects, 4 points to teach you to arrange eye-catching jewelry window.

1. Consider the customer's walking line of sight: the window is stationary, but the customer is walking and moving. Therefore, the design of the window should not only consider the customer's static viewing angle and the optimal line of sight height, but also the visual effect of the window from far to near, and the effect of “moving the scene” in front of the window. The creativity of the design window is different, the theme should be simple, and the brightness of the window in the window should be appropriately increased at night. In addition, the walking route of the customer on the street is generally right-handed. When passing through the storefront, the storefront is generally passed from the right side of the storefront, so we have to consider the effect that the customer sees through the window.

2. The window and the store should form a whole: the window is a part of the storefront, and the layout should be consistent with the overall display style of the store to form a whole. In particular, the transparent window should not only be considered in harmony with the style of the entire store, but also the color coordination of the groups of counters closest to the window.

3. Respond to the marketing activities in the store: the window is also telling a general business information, passing the sales information in the store, and the transmission of such information should echo the activities in the store. For example, the window is the theme of the "new cabinet". The theme displayed in the store is also based on the new style, and the corresponding number of new ones are reserved to meet the needs of sales.

4. The theme should be simple and clear, and the style should be outstanding: we should not only consider the window in our own store, but also enlarge the window to the whole street or the entire mall. Therefore, the theme of the window must be clear, and the most simple display should be used to inform the customer of the theme you want to express.

About the jewelry window - the introduction of the best "image endorsement" of the jewelry store is here, Van Road jewelry showcase is looking forward to working with you.
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