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Analysis of the road display factory, the future cosmetics, jewelry display case design trend!

Source:深圳凡路展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:92    Pubtime:2018-05-18 13:42:45

The research of the authoritative center of authoritative organization of international high-end luxury shows that the style of jewelry design in the world can be summarized as concise, simple, natural and classic decoration.

 makeup washs practice one of the mainstream: concise design for early once popular in the field of architectural art of "less is more" simple supreme principle was used to modern design.Concise and fluent line, concise and concise integral structure, form this style main melody.

Mainstream # 2: return to nature  in the human gradually lose the original land resources, forests, rivers in the ninety s, the cosmetics department of environmental protection has become a new focus in people's lives.

Therefore, the human beings are back into the embrace of nature, and this return to natural fashion also affects the diamond jewelry design.Beautiful leaves, interesting shells, vibrant sunflowers and wonderful zebra stripes have become the inspiration for designers.

However, the design works of display cabinet can not only accurately reflect the magic of natural objects, but also create a more concise effect.

Mainstream # 3: jewelry design tide restoring ancient ways almost will be back in a few years time, but also intensified, with simple first runs counter to the modern stream-of-consciousness adornment creed and fixture.

The above article is provided by shenzhen fan road display cabinet manufacturer, 20 years display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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