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European-style custom jewelry display cabinet color allocation method!

Source:深圳展柜定制厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:92    Pubtime:2018-05-17 09:55:24

Europe type color scheme of the jewelry display ark business reveals ark colour style has a breezy, deep attention, simple and elegant, gorgeous, the following is a common European jewelry display ark design colour matching methods:

The color matching method, also known as monochrome, is a set of colors that can be matched by adding a dark or white color to make it darker or lighter, and the purity changes in the same color.The designers at design time, therefore, in addition to consider the characteristic of itself, but also follow certain laws of art, from the perspective of art design highlights the colourful fresh and unique character of commercial display cabinet design work.

In general, the colour collocation of the whole business environment should be based on the theme of the commodity business content, nature, kind to decide, if the collocation of color is not harmonious, can make the person produces is not comfortable feeling, cut the chroma of color, and grey, become a kind of senior ash, not only to the ranks of grey system, but their hue is commensurate with fruitful, just generally lower purity.

Characteristic, this kind of match color is strong.Therefore, the use of a variety of colors in the uniform space, must pay attention to tonal changes.Any a kind of pure color collocation with black, white, grey, are easy to form a harmonious configuration, the collocation of color design on the basis of the same coordinate necessary for the corresponding change, change is primarily a back view and display color contrast and make the exhibits rich color and background color to achieve the same harmony.The means of collocation are not limited.

Product configuration method, therefore, in addition to elements in classification, can color configuration such as plan, not only can obtain classification quality benefits, also can increase the overall business environment design of colour aesthetic feeling, commercial display color configuration is not only a technical work, is also a strong artistic work, if use undeserved, may lack of harmony degree.If red adds white to pink, dark blue adds white to light blue.It can be a combination of two or three sets of colors.When carrying out commercial display ark colour collocation should weigh first, the purpose is to raise commercial jewelry to show the world of which department, should be able to make the key protruding, striking harmony.Colour collocation usually is used alone, use a kind of original color that is high purity commonly, such as red, blue, green, with black, white, ash collocation.

Characteristics, tonal and downy, elegant and not make public, inside collect, can show the grade of a certain class, just because the color is not very clear, to add to the difficulty, implementation process for commercial display cabinets, on the need to layout of printing color correction twitched the uncertainty on the easily also, the brand image for correct interpretation cause deviation easily, colour collocation is the process of comprehensive knowledge, to combine colour aesthetic psychological color, the color folk customs, the respect such as colour market positioning to complete.How to use color to make the target group to produce corresponding associations and feelings of infection?To pursue a color effect by exaggerating the contrast of primary colors.Adjacent color collocation is to exaggerate a kind of harmony and change in the color transition, the color number that collocation is commensurate with rich.It can also be a rainbow of different colors and different forms, can be the border bright, can also the boundary trance integration.Complementary color match can form very bright contrast, have strong visual impact effect, handled properly can receive better effect, among them black and white collocation is forever classic.To create the light and shadow transition and the level composition effect and the movement of the shadow residual effect.

The positive significance of the design of the commercial display cabinet is that it can encourage customers to choose the items they need in the fixed point, or to get more direct feelings about the products they are interested in.Through the arrangement of the color, the customer's desire to buy.

The above article is provided by shenzhen fan road display cabinet manufacturer, 20 years display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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