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Beauty Shelves Cosmetics Showcases Wrong Placement of Cosmetics Store Shelves

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:61    Pubtime:2021-06-11 17:21:36
As the saying goes, "Everyone has the heart to love beauty." This sentence can now be used not only for girls, but also for boys, because the skin care project does not distinguish between men and women. So the beauty industry has become more and more prominent in its importance. It is precisely for this reason that many people have taken a fancy to this business opportunity, and beauty shops have opened more and more. There are more stores open, and people have more choices. How can you attract customers to your store? If your store can't attract too many customers to shop, it may be because you made the following minor mistakes in the layout of your store. Today, I will tell you what these minor mistakes are. Right.

Mistake 1: Improper placement of promotional racks and stacking racks.

What does promotion mean? Promotion is a kind of activity that the shopkeeper transmits various information about the shop and its products to customers, persuades or attracts customers to buy their products, in order to achieve the purpose of expanding sales. Promotion is essentially a communication activity, that is, the shop owner sends out various messages as a stimulus to consume, and transmits the information to one or more target objects to influence the attitude and behavior of customers.

Promotional racks and stacking racks are an indispensable type of shelf in every store. These two types of shelves are used for promotion, and their role is to attract customers, but some shopkeepers choose the wrong product when they choose the product. They did not choose the popular product for promotion. Take beauty as an example. , Do you think it’s better to put sunscreen on the promotional shelf or an eye shadow palette? Which product is more attractive to customers?

There is also the location of the stacker. For example, the toner you will use for promotion is placed in the lipstick area. Is there any contrast between the two? Putting it here will not serve as a promotional toner. Customers simply do not feel the strength of the offer. Unable to make customers interested. Therefore, the selection of the promotion table or the area of the stack should also pay attention to the correlation between the products.

Mistake 2: The makeup shelf is too loose.

Some beauty shops did not pay attention to the size of the products and the height of the shelves when placing them, so they just put the products on the shelves casually, and some smaller products are placed on the shelves with a higher spacing between the makeup cases. It will look very loose, and the display effect is also very bad.

The height of the shelves is adjustable, and the height of the shelves should be adjusted reasonably according to the size of the product packaging to maximize the use of space. If you can't make good use of the display space, isn't it a serious waste?

For the same kind of goods, you can place them according to the price and the high and low levels of the brand. The best-selling brands are placed in the middle right position, and the high-end or low-profit ones are placed at the bottom. Do not place them all on the first floor of a set of shelves. , Resulting in a feeling of empty cosmetics showcase.

Mistake 3: There is no classification of goods placed on the cosmetics showcase.

This error is ignored by many shopkeepers. For example: You put daily skin care products and cosmetics together, and do not classify them according to the attributes of the products, so that the entire shelf will show a disorderly effect, which will affect the customer's buying interest. Therefore, we must classify the products when displaying the goods. Similar products are placed together to avoid conflicts with neighboring products.
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