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The influence of jewelry showcase in brand promotion!

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:51    Pubtime:2021-06-17 14:54:01
Jewelry display counters are now playing an increasingly important role in brand promotion. In order to obtain good results in the fierce industry competition, jewelry and counter makers have worked hard to shape modern fashion based on the specific conditions of brand promotion. Commercial jewelry counter. Its efficacy is reflected in the following two aspects:

1. Improve brand awareness. Set up brand promotion jewelry counters in large and medium-sized terminals in the city, meet with customers with a consistent image, consistent price, and consistent policy, and give customers a detailed brand promotion concept. If a jewelry counter group is constructed, the strength and attractiveness of brand promotion will be further demonstrated; and the construction of jewelry counters in multiple large shopping malls in the same city can greatly improve the brand image of the product.

A market, especially the opening of jewelry counters in core areas is conducive to the display of goods and reminders, which can be extended to many terminal displays. The effect of opening jewelry counters in eye-catching places of large shopping malls is even more self-evident.

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2. Increase turnover. Looking at traditional brand-name jewelry, especially imported brand-name products, their turnover mainly depends on jewelry counters. Its marketing channels are all large-scale shopping malls with terminal jewelry counters in the same city, and it is rare to see imported products flowing in the wholesale market. As one of the jewelry display equipment, the jewelry counter becomes very important for its contrast and highlight.

Good jewellery counters can better play the advantages of jewellery. Therefore, the merchants are also struggling in the process of selecting materials for jewellery display counters. Since the charm of jewellery also originates from the material of the jewellery counter, it represents the jewelry counter. In the process of designing and making jewelry counters, merchants are quite cautious in the selection of materials.
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