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Brand marketing jewelry store decoration design strategy!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:309    Pubtime:2018-03-20 09:45:54

How to use the appropriate light source to show the value of jewelry is increasingly becoming a concern for jewelers.When some jewelry store decoration stores or counters, generally only pay attention to the light would be light enough to make the whole of the store feeling gorgeous, gorgeous, but ignored the proportional distribution of light source, making sales there is no difference between the subject and the main body, the jewelry that puts in the counter lack of administrative levels.Just as a flower needs a green leaf, no matter how beautiful it is, it needs a good light to make it shine.

The light of the eye also has an emotional impact on the customers and the business people in the jewelry store, and also affects the success rate of the jewelry trade.

Jewelry store decoration technically no style, jewelry store business is high-grade luxury, reflect a kind of rich feeling, so when we decorate in the jewelry store design must be rich atmosphere, configuration lighting will create a harmonious atmosphere of calm, thus to achieve the effect of increase trading results.

1. Create a good consumption environment.

If you go to a jewelry store, it was very noisy and don't feel like to enjoy the feeling of, may be left immediately, build environment mainly from light gives person's feeling and relaxed environment, lights don't direct to the human eye, and through the diffuse lighting, experience to be relaxed and comfortable sofa, to customers to enjoy of beauty.

2. Overall decoration should be green and environmentally friendly.

Decorate green environmental protection is not only the requirement that the family decorates, and also is the requirement that jewelry shop decorates.It is one of the important targets of the renovation project to build a green and environment-friendly jewelry diamond experience store and perfect the supporting concealed works.For all the equipment with low efficiency, high energy consumption and unfavorable environmental protection, the comprehensive renovation and landscaping, beautification and lighting of the surrounding environment are carried out.According to the overall layout, the hidden pipeline direction is adjusted accordingly, which lays a good foundation for the economic, safety, environmental protection and comfort of the overall operation of jewelry diamond experience shop.

3. New design concept.

Jewelry store the design with the help of The Times, using the latest trends of design concept, highlight the subjectivity of the jewelry store business and individual character, to meet the guests in the fast pace of society in the pursuit of perfect comfortable psychological needs, should meet the following:

1. The display case should not be placed in the exit.

2. The color of the jewelry store should not be arbitrary, and the main melody of the jewelry store.

3. The jewelry store should not be too small to be a bit more atmospheric.

4. There can't be too loud music in the jewelry store.

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of jewelry store display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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