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The theme of custom jewelry booth must be clear!

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:130    Pubtime:2018-03-20 09:38:40

Cases and customization is an emerging industry, ever larger and more solid display design which belongs to building design, a smaller display design belongs to interior design, a temporary display design belongs to the fine arts craft or interior design.

Under custom jewelry cases often should scrub, because some residual glue around it, in the process of you often wash, these things will disappear, the more slowly to the more bright, especially surface is glass shelves, it is the wipe the brightest.But do the storefront of aluminum-plastic plate is a bit picky, should pay more attention when washing, because it is the surface of a thin layer of aluminium, is easy to be scratched, especially in the case under, take the case, pull to go, a few days will be cross off the surface of aluminum, so you must be careful when use cases.

The development of custom display theme of jewelry display cases is often located in the division of information, sales, celebration, entertainment, education and so on.Shelves need ability are: the concept of dumping goods or survey and drawing of ability, three-dimensional plastic (aesthetic, building materials and construction) capability of temporary mechanical and electrical equipment, lighting and made a large area of knowledge, still can use ZhiGuanXing fluorescent lamp luminous ceiling.The ability to irrigate the crowd and spread the line.This kind of exhibition ark can make a person feel more broad, tall, change original depressive, annoyed feeling.If the exhibition hall is short, can install a group of grille lamp on the ceiling, line or grid.In addition, in the back and bottom of the wall display case, in the lower part of the display case, also install the direct tube type fluorescent lamp or neon lamp.In addition, it may be the large scale and elaboration, specialization and so on after the second world war.The standard should be based on the standard of the above standards, to make the audience feel cordial and pleasant.

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