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cabinet design: lighting effects of watch cabinet design

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:41    Pubtime:2021-07-15 15:05:19
The display case should reflect the fashionable, high-end and aesthetic atmosphere of the watch. Therefore, a beautiful, stylish and stylish watch display cabinet can very well attract customers' attention and improve the multi-functional display effect of the watch display cabinet display products, so the lighting effect on the display cabinet is particularly important. The lighting effect of the watch display cabinet is a very important aspect to be considered in the production of the watch display cabinet.

The lights should be evenly distributed, the light color should be good, and the brightness should be moderate. There can be no blind spots, especially in the manufacture of light boxes. It is easy to show blind spots. Treat the light well. Considering energy saving and environmental protection, energy-saving LED lamps or T5 tubes are currently used. Especially the size of the high cabinet advertising light box and the way of hiding the lights on the product layer, one is that the general lamp is hidden in the edge of the shelf, the second is to install spotlights in the center, and the third is to transmit light and light on the back panel. The effect is transmitted through acrylic.

As a high-end watch store, the furnishings should be outstandingly luxurious and exquisite, with an emphasis on artistic air, while as a general audience watch display cabinet store, its merchandise should be outstandingly rich and detailed, so that consumers feel that they can afford it. Buy affordable and authentic.
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