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Can the glass display case that big brand jewelry exhibits ark to produce resist pressure?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路珠宝展柜制作厂家    Visit:444    Pubtime:2018-07-05 10:13:51

Cases of the first purpose is to put the product, and then show the product in the eyes of customers, transparent jewelry display ark can not only make jewelry looks more high-grade, there is another important reason is that can maximize prevent adorn article appear lost phenomenon.This means that this kind of display cabinet can prevent the jewelry from disappearing in the store to the greatest extent.

Jewelry cases to make China know, many operators in the first operating jewelry brand in the process of choosing jewelry display ark is very upset, because now in the market of cases and most of its raw materials are made of glass, glass is a kind of very easy to appear broken items, customers at the same time in the appreciation of jewelry will also part of the body weight is placed on top and merchants will worry that will withstand the broken?It is important to know that the general area of the booth is relatively large. Once an area is damaged, the whole booth cannot be used again in a short time.Actually such worry is unnecessary, jewelry cases to make China tell you why, because most of the jewelry cases and production will use the most scientific design principle, the basis of such cases under compressive performance will be greatly ascend.As long as you're not hit hard by an outside force, most of the time you're not going to see that happen.And when you know the cases to make a very strict steps was made, so if you choose the big brand jewelry cases to make factory will not have such things happen.

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of experience in jewelry store display cabinet design, help you quickly improve brand value in 2018.

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