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What is the position of the design drawing of the jewelry booth in the production?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路展柜制作厂    Visit:445    Pubtime:2018-07-04 10:43:27

Under each industry is suitable for every industry, design also is not the same, and jewelry display ark composition request, is to want to arrange the jewelry, display background and jewelry display ark and storefront fitment.Organize illustrations, pictures, words, etc.A vivid, lively, regular and meaningful picture is presented in a comprehensive way.Let it play a propaganda role.The composition of this kind of jewelry display cabinet cannot be simply understood as the expression of form, but should be understood as the specific expression of the theme thought content.If the composition of jewelry display cabinet is regarded as the only independent thing, it will be separated from the actual content, and it will be "education for Chinese Banks".So jewelry display ark of composition can't simply the pursuit of the beauty of form, but to many considerations, combined with the reality, with its brand culture, perfect match with jewelry jewelry display ark of composition is the best.

The most important point: a good under design and construction drawing is very long, the time need to customers and designers to have a good communication, if you don't have enough designers professional will not be able to give you more good advice, if you don't have a good communication to reach what you want, exhibiting ark and designers have to have a good communication, so your ideas tell designer, then give the good opinion of the designer, such ability faster to make fine jewelry cases.

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