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China Resources Times Square Artistic Showcase in Shanghai | Nendo×Funroad

Source:Funroad Jewelry Showcase     Author:Funroad    Visit:60    Pubtime:2020-09-17 15:45:00

On this romantic Eves Day of 2019, the nervous tension of all Funroad workers are finally released -- as the project of the China Resources Times Square in Shanghai is opened as scheduled. During the project for Party A, all the staff have suffered a lot challenge, pressure and bitterness. Only the workers involved in the project can truly understand. So bitter! Must be wonderful!

At the end of August, there is an encouraging news that the project to manufacture assembly area display showcase for China Resources Times Square in Shanghai was outbid by Funroad. Our project team is so excited, however, we also suffer a lot pressure -- time is tight and this project is not so easy. This project is not only a chance but also a challenge for Funroad. Finally, after four months effort, artistic display showcases are perfectly finished.

The design team for the project is led by Nendo, an upstart designer from Japan. Who is Nendo? Google will tell you. Here is the China Resources Times Square designed by genius Nendo as follow:

The whole department store just looks like an integrated theater, with large glass dome, curtain decoration, arch arch, scattered terrace...

Our deepened design team has discussed and communicated the process details with the China Resources designer team and the Nendo design team for two months. Meanwhile, the factory prepared material samples and process samples. Just for the color of the glass samples, was made for several times and after comparing hundreds of colors, the color was finally settled down (gonna be crazy...)

Times Square 4F -- Fancy Area Lampstand

Process: aluminum opening, bending, internal luminescence

Times Square 5F -- Liberty Area Showcase

Process: seamless connecting Dupont acrylic artificial stone and 5+5 laminated glass

Times Square 6F -- Home Gallery Area Showcase

Process: roof modeling with stainless steel welding technology, black matte paint, internal light; white acorn wood craft with varnish repair color on surface

Interior review for process proofing:

  • The design team, engineering and business planner of the China Resource and Nendo design team come our factory to confirm the pre-factory sample
  • Designer Bendo is very strict with the details
  • The high requirements, the difficulty of production and the tight schedule all are more than words can express. Take one of the color laminated glass for example, processing may be self-explosion, installation may be self-explosion, installation may be self-explosion, installation also may be self-explosion. What an upset thing!

However, Funroad finished all challenges and succeed in the end. There is a saying goes in Chinese: What you have suffered today is what you can boast tomorrow.

2020, Funroad is on the way again!

Fighting Wuhan, Fighting Hubei, Fighting China!

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