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Choose cheap display cabinet factory to make the display ark can bring what harm!

Source:深圳凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:623    Pubtime:2017-11-17 09:21:50

Cheap cases will bring what harm, under is our contact more at ordinary times, so how should choose for our storefront, our cheap cases will bring us what kind of harm, the following is to look at it.

What are the dangers of cheap displays

The price of the display container is cheap and it will bring down the quality and service.Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a good display case, but sometimes it can have very serious consequences.So what are the possible dangers of cheap displays?

First: the display cabinet quality is worrying.

The better the display quality is, the more expensive the price will be. On the contrary, the cheap display case will use some unqualified materials on the selection of materials, and its quality and quality will not be guaranteed.And cheap cases and the price is low, the corresponding employee wages is low, the low wages of nature to find skilled workers, made shelves for you on craft is difficult to achieve good quality, unique and beautiful effect, such cases not only reduces the service life and the grade of the exhibits, for your enterprise and brand image will have a big impact.

Second: there is no good after-sales service.

Cheap display cabinets for more cost savings, there will not be good after-sales service, or even the root.You may also be able to bring such losses to your display, such as image, security, company products, etc.Once the user reviews the business trip, your entire store score will fall from 100 points.It is important to know the impact of word-of-mouth satisfaction on the manufacturer.Without good user's word of mouth, customers will not come to you to order cosmetic display cases.

Third: health.

Unqualified materials tend to cause pollution to the air, at the same time, more or less can also cause harm to human body, a lot of unqualified material will send out a pungent odor, counter staff if long-term working in such an environment the harmfulness is very great.And the color of paint is various, the composition of formaldehyde in the paint is very tall, and the use time grows the cabinet also can fade.In short, the cheap display case is not really cheap, always remember: think before you act.No one can do a lossmaking business, save to save the final compression or the quality of the cosmetic display case, because the display cabinet is custom, cannot return, the ultimate loss is yourself.

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