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Show ark production must reflect enterprise's individuality!

Source:深圳凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:623    Pubtime:2017-11-17 09:16:28

Cases to reflect the personality of the enterprise, under is our contact more at ordinary times, so when we design should pay attention to what problem, our cases and in the process of design and production how to reflect our corporate personality, here is to look at it.

Display cabinet production reflects the personality of the enterprise

So far, no unified domestic wood furniture technology standard of the lacquer that bake, part of cases and small businesses to buy auto paint room cost and operation cost is high, as their modified or new paint with red brick room, because the secret letter is lax, ventilation is not environmental protection, temperature not up to standard, to reach the level car paint technology standard, different levels of problems in the process of using.

Hear stainless steel you may soon be able to think of all kinds of stainless steel as the material of the articles for daily use and public facilities, but the application of this material to the shelves, jewelry shelves, display props and continuously in the application by the designer, or as the high-end jewelry cases in recent years, the appearance of the display props and all kinds of design style and the emergence of appeared.Commercial display design concept to improve and change, will also drive the application of design effort richer material and more change material collocation makes display space more rich aesthetic feeling, more exciting, on this basis, the stainless steel is also gradually shows its advantage in display design.

The personality of the show is to highlight the personality of the enterprise or the product.The "individuality" here is no longer the traditional enterprise or product characteristic and the enterprise or product culture, but the social value of the enterprise or product or the time connotation of the enterprise and product.It requires the exhibition of art to have the concept of The Times, including the new integrated concept, the concept of humanism, the concept of time and space, ecological concept, etc.These concepts of time, infiltrate each cell in the design of the booth.

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