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Common jewelry display cabinet dimensions

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:240    Pubtime:2017-06-23 17:24:53
In the production process, exhibiting ark is known to all that is left is the size of the shelves, also is the size, this is how to distinguish, any way tell you, suits own is the best.
Jewelry cases to provide jewelry display platform, is an important part for the connection of customers and jewelry impression, greatly influence the overall impression of jewelry goods from the customers and hierarchical position, so the jewelry dealers when the choose and buy jewelry cases and pays attention to whether the overall effect of the jewelry cases to high-end grade atmosphere.But we also should consider the size of the display ark is reasonable, the effect is beautiful.
Jewelry shelves General standardized jewelry in 1200 cases and size x600x1000mm (length x width x height), but generally most cases to design is according to the average size of retail space to custom, that is usually size is fixed, but according to the size of the space.
A jewelry store for 5 x7 space area, for example, if the 5 m edge cases to standardize jewelry production, can only display 4 set of standard size shelves, and the remaining 200 mm width, and the width is not a new storefront, also not be a channel for the people, so the width is more waste, on the space on the display effect overall will be discounted.Then the width of this 5 meters will need to adjust the display cabinet in the overall space display layout or adjust the size of the display cabinet to fit the space size. 
Why is the display cabinet of the jewelry exhibition standard 1200x600x1000mm (long x width x height)?
Regional physical characteristics
The average station sales are female, the average height of Chinese women is around 158 (the south is about 2 to 4 cm).The height of 1 meter height, when the salesperson communicates with the customer, the hands and the display cabinet will appear more natural;And the width is reflected in when the body tilts about 20 degrees to get the goods, in the shape of body does not lose much.
Image standardization
Salesclerks usually conduct business etiquette training before work, especially with brand - oriented enterprises, which care more about their service image and professional process.Standardized image specification will therefore a shop assistant in the course, in order to ensure that the shop assistant that can facilitate processing of goods, and the purpose of the carriage, according to Chinese human behavior at the measure of the standardization of such a suitable size.
Safe distance
The width of the cases and not only contains the display and display the function of the goods, more important is the width is more suitable for safe distance between people (psychology, normal safe distance of 1.2 m people), general clerk are more enthusiastic and polite, very easy to deal with people, so at home will easily safety distance closer.60 cm is private distance that broke the close relationship, and to break the relationship between politeness, this will be a shop assistant to a professional private consultant role, can help both to trust and volume.
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