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Selection method of jewelry display cases

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:679    Pubtime:2017-08-02 13:32:22

    With the fast development of jewelry industry exhibiting ark, the people also more and more high to the requirement of jewelry cases, not only need enough beautiful and easy, its unique connotation has become more and more important.The industry has developed some standards for the design of jewelry display cases.A booth is not good enough, just look at the standard.
At present, the jewelry cases to design different styles on the market, product emerge in endlessly, craft level is uneven, the price is differ, really let a person dazzling, have no choice.How do jewelers and consumer manufacturers select the jewelry counters that are both practical and suitable for their own?Here are a few principles:
Choose principle one: the position of price
Price problem and choose the most important factor, called a penny a points goods, we must according to their actual situation and the style of products to choose jewelry manufacturers exhibiting ark, according to their own choose to suit their class of cases and the product cost budget, and according to the number of cases and custom and manufacturers talk about one of the most reasonable preferential price.
In addition, every road decoration reminds you, choose jewelry cases and try to choose plain code during the design and production company net price, don't choose discounts, offers more wrapping, the wrapping company often opaque, you simply don't know his true face.
Pick principle two: appropriate design style
What is your product line?What are the advantages of the product?What is the highlight of the jewellery display?By what style?How the design fits this style is something to consider.Say bai, the selection of jewelry counter, style is very important, what kind of product, give it custom style design.
Choose principle three: through phenomenon aim material
See everything must see the essence through the phenomenon, we choose the jewelry counter will be through the surface material, the material of this refers to the real material, is not the result of surface after rough machining and fine processing.Imported brand materials usually have the relevant authorization and quality certificate etc, on the authorization data to buy, must not blindly choose, lost his nature.
Choose principle four: choose the manufacturer that has after sale
In today's society, buy everything to consider a after sale service problem, the jewelry booth also is same.After-sales service good manufacturers, product problems arise in the course of using, can get the maintenance in time and help, such as frequent loose hinge, mesa appear scratches, difficult to maintain, for a period of time natural cracking phenomenon common occurance.It is important for us to be able to repair, replace, or compensate. The booth should have its own definite rules and after-sales regulations.
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