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Custom design and use techniques for jewelry display?And the flow?

Source:深圳珠宝展柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:287    Pubtime:2018-04-25 10:22:20

Cases to use custom skills under drainage result, within the jewelry store shelves as store had now indispensable an important display devices, how should we choose our materials exhibiting ark, which the plank material can make our cases to better use, below to see it.

Display cabinet to customize the use of techniques to showcase the experience.

Like furniture in the home, because display ark is the main carrier that displays commodity.Not put clothes, just as much as possible by arrangement with the content and the practicability of art, but also has the affinity and individual character, said a family's cultural level and style, also said the economic strength of a family, and reveal ark design also is such.Department stores, or shop shopping center, the development trend of the future competition, is geared toward their target market positioning, for their target customers to build a warmth, the infectious of shopping, entertainment, leisure space environment.

Display cabinet structure is firm.Display cabinets are containers for displaying items.The color is gold, silver white, matte black, magenta, gray and other colors.Reveal ark elegant appearance, easy tear open outfit, transportation is convenient, widely used in the exhibition hall, exhibition, department stores, advertising, etc., arts and crafts, gifts, jewelry, cell phone, glasses, watches and clocks, alcohol and tobacco, cosmetics and other industries widely used.

Personalization.Display ark must give full play to the designer's invention ability and rich imagination, display ark production to want to maximize to attract, attract customer.To invent a new aesthetic image.At the same time, the production and must pay attention to the aesthetic the authenticity of the invention, the message must be accurate, not exaggerated, bluff, it is also a modern commercial reveals ark to make crucial problems.Otherwise, it will not only lose credibility, violate professional ethics, but also cause consumers' psychological distrust and animosity.

The American business community in its advertising creed eight has five is about the authenticity question is to ask the fact, does not make the temptation, the price is indeed, can not exaggerate, the honest recommendation and so on, thus can be seen.At the same time, the emphasis on the authenticity of the commercial counter production does not mean that the negation means the richness of the means.On the contrary, in order to arouse people's emotion and arouse the desire of purchase, it is necessary to attach importance to the uniqueness, richness and novelty of the means of expression.The location used in the display cabinet is mainly to appeal to people's visual, auditory sense, and people's activity place -- the environment is closely related.At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of the rural cultural landscape, so it is necessary to fully emphasize its environmental concept.The objects used in the exhibition are the instruments used for emplacement, enclosure, supporting, hanging and Posting of exhibits, such as exhibition racks, booths, display boards, display cabinets, etc.

The principles of modern display props design and selection are:

First, the standardized and serialized design.To be supplemented by special design;

Secondly, it is mainly composed and disassembled, so as to facilitate the packaging, transportation and storage of any combination and change.

Third, the structure should be strong and durable, easy to process, safe and reliable;

Fourthly, the modelling should be concise, the color should be pure.You can choose the same color, red or mirror as the appearance of the cabinet.The top can be equipped with a light box, the wall display cabinet is not transparent.The lamp in the cabinet can choose fluorescent lamp, spotlights, top with light box.Height, width, length can be adjusted according to use.Square display cabinets for quadrilateral pervious to light glass, suitable to display jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phones and other small items, you can also display case is used to show gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, alcohol, tobacco, such as a large goods.

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of jewelry store display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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