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Display cabinet manufacturer dry goods share: how can jewelry display ark design ability achieve acme?

Source:珠宝展示柜厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:673    Pubtime:2017-09-18 10:55:52

If the luxury jewelry wants to become more dazzling, it needs a personalized display cabinet, so how should we make a personalized display case?People in a store to buy jewelry, the first is the jewelry display ark, jewelry cases to decorate a direct impact on the consumer's aesthetic view, through the consumer's first impression of jewelry.So what should we do to make the impression that the consumer will be impressed, not to generate aesthetic fatigue?No matter any commodity want more perfect show in front of the mass consumer and not suffer any damage draws on some tools to display, and that will be used to all kinds of cases to this product.So, in order to use it, there won't be any negative impact on the display case when it comes to design.

Next, the unik pavilion factory will talk to you about the main points to be noticed in the design.

Jewelry display cabinet design:

One, must be concise and easy, not too complicated, because the average person can accept limited information in an instant, if you can't get clear information would not be interested in an instant, in addition, if the booth is too complicated it is easy to reduce the booth personnel's work efficiency.

Second, there is the layout of the jewelry store.In general, the display form of jewelry display cabinet will be displayed mainly in the form of branches, linearity and arc, which will eventually be arranged according to the actual site.Long and narrow Spaces are usually linear.The layout is more compact and orderly.If you want to have a strong showing effect, you can use the arrangement of the branches, so that you can improve the utilization rate of the site.But that requires a lot of space.But now more is the combination of these layout forms, the combination of linear and arc, bough and arc.Add in the ornament of stylist, make jewelry display ark layout is more orderly, beautiful, attract consumer's eyeball deeply, deepen consumer's impression of jewelry.

Effect of jewelry display cabinet:

3. The jewelry display cabinet must highlight the focus, only highlight the focus to attract the attention of the customer, generally can highlight the product focus through the location, layout and the design of the light.

Four, should have bold mark, distinctive design will attract a lot of visitor's eyeball, make the visitor easy to be able to know product, the product also can produce a very good impression.

Five, in the design of the display to design a prominent sense, because the focus will be better to attract consumers.And that requires the display case to be designed in a new fashion,

This will give a better display of goods when they are displayed.

Six, be in the design that should control the appearance color of the display ark and the color collocation that USES space.Want to show ark to use medium better to display the effect of its own colour to want

It is consistent with the use of space, so that the product can be presented to the public in a better way.

Chinese gold jewelry display cabinet:

7, impression bonus is the lighting design on the jewelry display case.Generally used for jewelry display cases, the light source used gold halide lamp, gold halide lamps and lanterns have high intensity, high luminous efficiency,

However, the gold halide lamp easily distorts or aged jewelry, so it is not used for jewelry display cases, but for external use.And the halogen lamp has a great advantage,

Can be used in jewelry display cabinet interior jewelry lighting.There is also a compact and flexible projection of halogen lamps, which are easier to control.And also pay attention to the choice of light source,

It is not that any jewelry is used in the same light source.In general, the use of white light and gold in the use of yellow light and emerald jade is used for the use of neutral light.

Such jewelry is decorated by the ornament of lamplight, can be lifelike, bright and beautiful.

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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