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Shenzhen luxury jewelry brand millennium star jewelry display cabinet interpretation, women's rights, fashion.

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The millennium star luxury brand jewelry display ark design embodies the "perfect comfortable luxury" is the new concept, change traditional the complex design technique, through the ingenious use of geometric shape, main body colour and rich rhythm "purpose lighting" foil, builds a concise, lively, bright beautiful style and convenient, comfortable and fast operation theme.Let the jewelry display cabinet expand naturally and integrate with store style.Store design should highlight the comfort and humanized design concept.

In the process of social industrialization, with the passing of entertainers and artisans, China's large number of traditional arts and crafts are on the verge of being lost.Chase the imitation beauty trends also make the traditional handicraft is huge impact, the artistic treasures of the die is saddened, the millennium star adhere to the old traditional pure arts and crafts, around looking for scarce return to explain each piece of jewelry, enhance the protection and support of the traditional arts and crafts, to help to maintain and motivate the heritage and development of the old process under production in our company has no fixed standard, can be designed according to the needs of the customer's stores and shopping malls, as long as customers tailored style, have their own plan and want we can draw the outline of the designer, design to the home satisfied.

Product name: millennium star custom-made jewelry display cabinet

Color: customer demand

Specification: customized display case

Price: negotiate pricing


[fan road jewelry display cabinet material: can choose high density medium fiber board, thin wood board, solid plank, osson board, flame retardant board and so on

[fan road jewelry display cabinet: optional baking paint, wood paper, wood paint, fire prevention board, aluminum plastic board, crystal board, etc

[fan road jewelry display cabinet accessories] : choose brand quality hardware fittings, prevent natural damage caused by long use, 0.8 steel glass, 1cm baking glass, super white glass, etc.

The door of cabinet chooses 6mm glass commonly, soft bag can choose to take down flannelette, leather and so on

The millennium star jewelry display cabinet is one of the classic styles of the millennium star store.The overall design is simple and elegant

Applicable products: gold, silver jewelry, platinum, jade, amber, precious stones, pearls and other jewelry

Applicable site: brand jewelry store, etc.

Millennium star jewellery co., LTD., established in shenzhen, China, in 2000.The millennium star, originated from the "li tianshun silver building" in the republic of China, insisted on the interpretation of every piece of jewelry by pure handicraft.

To inherit and inspire the traditional process to develop into the brand."Feminism" and "fashion" are symbolic meanings

Modern jewelry display ark is more and more attention to use the design new idea that ADAPTS times tide, highlight the main body of brand management and individual character, satisfy consumer to pursue perfect and comfortable in the society of fast pace

Psychological needs.

The millennium star has a large number of branches, and we have a large number of accessories and jewelry display cabinets for the jewelry display cases, because the website limitations cannot be fully displayed.

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This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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