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Does the quality of the jewelry showcase have any effect on the jewelry?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:65    Pubtime:2018-08-13 17:41:06
The basic function of the showcase is to make the displayed goods perfectly presented to the consumers. The strict and fine craftsmanship of the jewelry showcases can not be neglected in any detail, especially in the display of jewelry. The design of lighting and lighting is often an element of the talks between designers and engineers. Van Road Showcase is custom-made for the design and production of showcases for many years. It has a unique understanding of the lighting and lighting design of jewelry showcases, and can be perfectly applied to the cases of various showcases. Today, Fanzhai Xiaobian will share with you some quality about jewelry showcases. Good or bad knowledge of jewelry has no effect!

We know that since the jewelry showcase is used to display small and exquisite items, many showcase manufacturers are equipped with spotlights or fiber optics for lighting. This is also the most basic design idea. In addition to the choice of lighting, we have to worry about the choice and matching of the light source color. For example, gold jewelry can be illuminated with a cold light cup; silver products or gemstone products can be illuminated with a sun cup, as long as the lighting is arranged in the appropriate position of the showcase, often can bring unexpected results.

Secondly, we have chosen the lighting and light color. We also need to consider the heat treatment of the showcase, because the lighting and lighting are accompanied by heat, and the heat generated by some lamps may affect the color of the jewelry and other exhibits. With texture. Therefore, if the engineering cost allows, the use of fiber optic lighting is also a good choice, the advantage is that it will not bring too much heat inside the showcase. Of course, this is a technology that considers cost at the beginning of design.

Here, the design of lighting and lighting is also focused on the principle of seeing the light, highlighting the items displayed. This sounds a bit high, but in fact, as long as the following two points are clear, the lighting can be used to highlight the jewelry displayed. First, the lighting fixtures we choose should be bright enough. Of course, enough meaning is not to say that the brighter the better. Some jewelry, such as gold, platinum, pearls, etc., because of their small size, require sufficient illumination, 2000lx can be; and some jewelry such as jade, crystal, etc., is soft, the illumination is not too high; second, the design of the lighting Reflecting the characteristics, gold, pearls and other jewelry relying on the reflection of light, pay attention to the direction of light incident, let the reflected flash point stimulate the eyes of customers, jade, crystal and other jewelry that pay attention to light texture, we must pay attention to light. Speaking of this, I believe you have already understood the mystery of this!

In any case, we can't ignore any details and elements in the process of designing and making jewelry showcases. The lighting and lighting design mentioned above is one of the important elements. We may wish to follow the main points, try more, and more. The amazing effects that come out unexpectedly come out naturally!

The sharing of the quality of the jewelry showcase lighting has no effect on the jewellery. It is here after reading. After reading it, it feels good to collect it. Funroad Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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