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What should I do if the jewelry showcase is damaged? These coups teach you how to deal with!

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:241    Pubtime:2018-08-14 17:32:19
We know that the jewelry showcase is a very exquisite workmanship equipment. Compared with other types of showcases, the price of design and production is not high. Once the damage occurs, it can't be thrown away and thrown away. In the daily use of jewelry showcases, it is inevitable that there will be accidental damage, such as burns, burns, or cracks and yellowing after a long period of use. When such problems arise, don't rush to solve them, or you will be counterproductive, find out the correct treatment, and make the showcase easy to recover. What should I do if the jewelry showcase is damaged? Join us today to share the new way to restore the showcase!

How to deal with burns in the showcase?

In general, jewelry showcases are burnt by hot objects, such as boiling water. Don't panic, the easiest way to use a soft cloth dipped in tea juice is easy and effective. Use alcohol deodorant solvent or wipe the white stain on the paint on the showcase. The effect is also very good. Anyone who has experienced this experience may wish to try.

How to deal with the burnt showcase?

If the jewelry showcase is accidentally burned, burned, or sunburned, such as cigarette butts, hot sun... first determine whether the showcase is left with traces on the paint film, the wooden material is not damaged, and then the fine lines of the head with the chopsticks are hard. Wipe the traces gently, and finally apply a thin layer of wax, the traces of burns can be eliminated, the effect is good!

How to deal with cracks in the showcase?

Cracks in the showcase are very common in daily life. Here, the road showcase focuses on the method of milk cracking. You may not have thought that milk can be used to remove cracks on the surface of the showcase. The specific method is to use a clean surface. The rag will pour some milk into the wet, then you can directly wipe the dirt in the showcase with the place where the milk is smashed. The effect of removing the dirt after wiping is very good. Finish the rinse with water again, because the surface of the showcase contains milk. After a long time, the milk will have some sour taste, and it will be fine if it is rinsed off with water.

How to deal with the yellowing and tarnishing of the showcase?

Jewelry showcases will slowly lose their luster after a long time of use, or even appear yellow, or when there is a crayon stain similar to that used by children, you can use vinegar or toothpaste to clean the showcase in daily use, but pay attention to wiping You can't use too much force, so the jewelry showcase is naturally refreshed. Did you think of it?

It should be known that there are many factors in the jewellery showcases, and there are many ways to deal with them. The specific treatment methods are still subject to specific circumstances. The above-mentioned methods for handling damage to the showcases are very practical. Friends who have experienced similar situations may wish to Try, after all, the cost of designing and producing a set of even a showcase far exceeds the cost of maintenance. Why don't we take care and maintenance in the process of display and use?

The sharing of how to deal with the damage of the jewelry showcase is here. After reading it, it feels good to collect it. Funroad Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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