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Domestic jewelry display cabinet layout strategy a few feng shui studies display posture!

Source:珠宝展示柜台厂家    Author:凡路商业展示    Visit:392    Pubtime:2017-09-30 09:51:07

At home, people are very heavy on feng shui, in fact, in daily life, both businessmen and civilians use feng shui.Want everyday furniture to put.Here's a look at some of the brand jewelry counters for feng shui:

1. The jewelry exhibition area of the exhibition cabinet is often accepted in this form.The serial form is to connect various jewelry display cases to the spectator's sightseeing streamlines.Make the streamline connection and direction clear.This is very consistent with the jewelry display case that emphasizes the order of time and emphasizes the inherent causality of things.

2. The hall style of the display cabinet is used for the display space of the display of jewelry display.The hall serves as the core of the jewelry booth space, which is used for the display of jewelry display cases, and also meets the various functional requirements of transportation.Our cases and make staff said, in be used actually credentials jewelry under different content and theme, flexible space, can decorate the exhibits will hall to meet different display exhibition space requirements.    

3, cases of radial radial hall or the hall has been used as a hub, jewelry cases and space as the center, around to decorate, the space is relatively independent, through the door contact hub or channel.This approach is best suited for the display of different themes in the jewelry exhibition, and each jewelry display space independently presents a theme.The audience comes back to the hub after a theme tour.After a short pause, enter another theme.The audience can be seen on a sightseeing tour that requires complete or sectoral themes, so the spatial structure is flexible and selective.

4, the cases of mixed type in large jewelry exhibition, the rich thick jewelry cases and themes,, because of the large scale audience diversity of tourism demand, therefore, in the space program is often will hold a combination of the above one or more of the following ways or partition, form the space layout of the type of confusion.In this way, different combinations can be selected from the characteristics of the museum, which can form more rich space forms and features. 

5, under the aisle corridor can be seen as a special case of the radial, which is equivalent to the hub of radial in the form of linear aisle, various jewelry shelves space and walk through the door adjacent.This kind of layout way will each jewelry display ark space is in the one side of the aisle or both sides form a juxtaposition layout, they can also be connected to each other, form the serial couplet layout of the jewelry booth area.

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