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Jewelry booth designer must see!The popular design style of jewelry display counter is very popular in 2017!

Source:凡路商业展示    Author:珠宝展示柜台厂家     Visit:392    Pubtime:2017-09-30 09:58:21

Now need jewelry manufacturer to choose the time of the display ark, generally be more fastidious, especially like some big brand jewellers.The following chief editor recommends some of the most popular design elements for jewelry displays in 2017.

1.Mixed culture design elements and multivariate texture, it is the contemporary display cabinet brand not only design and make good and good-looking products, but also appeal to the brand's good story and life imagination.Experienced designer, it can use creative reveals ark suggestive moves you, let you touched, because consumers want to follow this a good business environment and the value, use a new design technique, can complete fusion of western modern science and technology and the new cases and Oriental traditional technology.

2. Multi-material texture and transparent glass and acrylic display cabinets will be mainstream.Scientific and technological progress has led to the innovation of display cabinet materials, materials for fabrics, metals, plastics, wood.The main expression is to use different materials to mix and match, reflect brand new design concept to have in the material craft, the new collocation of all sorts of material is contemporary display prop is a big characteristic.Performance for jewelry shelves design, pay more attention to highlight the different material quality and visibility of the skin texture, visibility, visibility, break through the conventional design, through different advanced processing technology and coating process, to highlight the different material texture beauty.Transparency is still the theme, both in front of the display case and the display table, using specially processed decorative glass.

3, brightly colored transparent and translucent plastic become popular in the cases and modelling design of new materials, a variety of carbonate YiYou bush, PVC, rotational moulding gathering unitary is the latest material, and in previous years, transparent organic film (acrylic) also continue to be popular.Natural and artificial rattan cane, relatively large amounts of gorgeous colour and material science and technology, the other a natural wind is still persistent fever, in terms of traditional wood jewelry cases to make design, also has a high quality art performance, on the material, cotton, hemp, bamboo, stainless steel and glass combination design also tries to breakthrough and innovation, textured than before more delicate, simple sense and more requirements.It reflects the unique material design style and represents the trend of design and development of jewelry display cabinets in the future.

4.Colorful profusion and black, white, red, green occupy main body, design attention collocation, appear more beautiful.

Bold use very vivid color, make neuter color to occupy the area of main body, tie-in bright color, create new pattern experience in the same space.Black and white are very elegant colors, although these two independent colors are very integrated.The design emphasizes personality, but not the humanities, health theme.Fashion, avant-garde, self - independence, individuality, coldness and affinity, rationality and sensibility.The modern commercial display space needs an aesthetic appeal which ADAPTS to the pursuit of individuality without losing the details, and also traces the origin of traditional culture and the design style of humanistic connotation.Colorful display props in the mainstream display methods of the status of more and more weight.Science and technology, new elements, new material, new colors give people a dizzying experience, let you feel the other side of the same thing, that is both real and mysterious side, from art to design work, shaping the "dream world" the trend is causing more new ideas.For example, plastic, acrylic, and aluminum products are cleverly incorporated into the new space, the big color block orange, green and exaggerated and have the harmonious effect.

White is still and will continue to be the main color.But, the use of color, white body with black contrast gloss, stress the interaction and glossy surface, in addition, a pure and fresh and soft and bright green, as a new color, in the modern display and play a role in the design of the main color.Another tendency is to change color (including ash).This year's red is not pure red, want slightly slightly purple;Green also same, must bring a little blue talent call vogue, reflect a kind of edge color feeling.Popular color: (1) apple-like grass green;(2) denim gray blue;(3) orange-red orange;(4) violet light purple.

5.New decorated with natural tendency mainly for decoration and design closer than ever before, in many cases to a range of modelling decoration into a jewelry cases and the main part of the production design, sometimes it's essence is the subject.There's no doubt that natural tendency and all of its elements is modern display props product design is a major source of inspiration, use flowers, leaves, and other design, and natural elements, the use of these elements and patterns, trying to find a very flexible style of display props.

In the display props or commercial display design, streamline, circular arc, especially the theme of the trees, leaves, and flowers, now for the designers, they give a display props appearance imitation of "biology" decorative texture effect, and make up the objects to display props the allure and charm of a poem.Performance for various kinds of jewelry shelves design form of emotional attachment and performance, emotional elements of the application in the design of jewelry cases to cause the attention of people, also reflect on its decorative expression method, natural curly lines with a floral pattern decorative continue to be popular.This year the most popular is the fine pattern of the plant for modelling.

Standardization, flexible, modular performance for the production of jewelry shelves design pay more attention to standardization, modular design combined with personalized, flexible manufacture, application of several basic standard module, through different combinations with different color, form the diversity and flexibility of display props products, to meet the personalized requirements of people more

This article is provided by the direct selling manufacturer of all road jewelry display cabinets: 20 years of experience in display cabinet design for jewelry stores, which will help you to improve your brand value quickly.

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