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Essentials of Jewelry Display Counter Design

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:51    Pubtime:2021-06-18 16:15:40
The jewelry display Counter design clarifies:

From the perspective of display Counter design, a circle is a very useful shape. It can be a solid disc or a hollow ring. The use of the original shape should enable the various parts of the whole to be ineffectively reconciled. The use of shapes such as triangles or rhombic cones can produce richer visual imagination and comparative effects in the design of jewelry display Counters.

In the composition, a group of triangles with different positions are usually arranged into asymmetric groups of triangles to produce rich and orderly changes. The rectangles in the display are theoretically in two states, namely rectangles and squares, rectangles and cubes with different areas and volumes.

Jewelry display Counter design - lighting

1. Lighting choices: LED lights, Lei's lights, ordinary bracket lights, halogen lights, cold light source lights, cold color lights. The halogen lamp consumes a lot of power and emits a cold yellow light. LEDs have low power consumption and emit cool white light. Choose according to your needs for light color. The lighting design of the jewelry display Counter first comes from the top light source. The inner side of the jewelry display Counter is mostly illuminated by fluorescent lamps to improve the overall brightness.

2. Adopt lighting system. Lighting can increase the awareness of jewelry showcases by 25% to 60%. Most of the mall showcases provide manufacturers ceiling spotlights, or portable lighting systems can be rented.

3. Multi-installed cold-light spotlights and LED lights at the left and right corners of the front of the counter are used as supplementary light sources to improve the flatness of jewelry. Especially for jewelry display Counters, the corner spotlights or LED lights reflect the unique angular texture of diamonds to arouse customers' desire to purchase.

Jewelry display Counter design - counter color

In the decoration design of the jewelry display Counter, the color design should be simple. If the color changes too much, it will easily cause the visual fatigue of the producer, but it will not achieve the focused effect. Using the standard color and its similar color in the corporate logo, the above form can be handled very simply. The hue design of the mark is extremely precise and simple.

In terms of accuracy, the selection of the color tones of the mark is the most demanding and rigorous among all artistic states. It must conform to the nature of the company's products. What kind of product has what kind of characteristics, and what kind of color tone must be used to express it.

In terms of simplicity, another criterion for marking the color selection of jewelry counters is simplicity, which does not exceed three colors, just like people matching clothes. Harmonious tones make people enthusiastic, clear, relaxed, and cheerful; on the contrary, unharmonized tones make people feel negative, depressed, heavy, and tired.
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