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Skills of Using Colors in Jewelry Display Cabinets

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:15    Pubtime:2021-06-18 14:35:38
The color of the jewelry display cabinet will have some physical characteristics. The color has a great effect on everyone's psychology and physiology. What is going on? Its purpose is to make the jewelry display cabinet more humane and more scientific. Let's take a look at the color application of the jewelry display cabinet.

Color will give people a kind of psychological hint. Adding these characteristics to the display cabinet can shape the atmosphere of these things to a large extent. The design of the display cabinet will also feel very wonderful. Color is also related to physiology. Rich life is also a manifestation of everyone's psychology. Color will bring physical changes and visual sense, so it can give play to everyone's thinking and have a high psychological response. , The fit of this color needs to be analyzed as much as possible.

Colors originally have no emotions, but if they are combined with people's consciousness, fixed thoughts will also be produced. When they are generated, their emotions will also change. For example, if it is of high purity, purple will give everyone a sense of fun, and there will be a kind of hot emotion. On the drawing of the jewelry display cabinet, the color changes everyone’s psychological passion and is just right. Therefore, in the design of the product, the color Proportion, as well as form, the mutual influence between them, in fact, also has a restrictive effect, causing everyone's psychology sometimes to be extreme, sometimes the opposite.

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In fact, any entrepreneurs hope that their products will be liked by customers, they want to increase the sales of their stores, and they want to achieve their own performance. When they start business, there is no shortage of goods sales for jewelry showcase merchants. . The jewelry display cabinet production should be selected. The quality of the display cabinet is good or not, the shopkeepers should take these things into consideration.
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