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Fanyu jewelry shop tells you how to maintain the diamond everyday

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路珠宝展柜厂    Visit:263    Pubtime:2018-06-14 11:56:29

Diamond is now people's favorite jewelry, according to the current social development trend, it is not difficult to buy basic jewelry, but have you maintained after you bought it?Are you doing it the right way?

Why diamonds need to stay away from oil, because diamonds are oil-friendly and tend to absorb oil stains and stains to their surface, thus weakening the luster of the diamond itself.So don't wear diamonds while doing kitchen work, washing clothes, or other dirty work.Why do diamonds need to be kept away from heat sources? Diamonds are made at high temperatures and pressures, but their main ingredient is carbon, which burns when heated to 800 degrees in the air.So don't let your diamonds get too hot.Why diamonds need to stay away from radiation, because radiation should be the bane of many gemstones, because the color of diamonds exposed to radiation is likely to change.And the color of the diamond changed by radiation is irreversible.Why wearing a diamond needs to be kept away from strenuous exercise is because diamonds are the hardest substance, but the harder they are, the more vulnerable they are.Although diamonds can cut anything and wear it out, diamonds are afraid of impact and can break up easily, so don't do anything drastic with them.Why do diamonds need to stay away from uv rays? If you put a diamond in the strong ultraviolet radiation after ozone filtering, you can see a small pit on the diamond surface within a short time.So don't put your diamond jewelry in the sun, or even under a magnifying glass.Do you know why the diamond should be maintained?Maintenance is a lot of details, not to say casual diamond will remain the same.

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