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Jewelry showroom tells you how to maintain your jewelry

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路深圳展柜厂    Visit:472    Pubtime:2018-06-14 10:55:53

If you go to the jewelry store and buy your favorite jewelry, do you need to put your favorite jewelry into the jewelry box when you return home?You already know the placement of jewelry, so how to maintain our beloved jewelry?Jewelry display factory tells you how to maintain your beloved pearls.

1.Anti-acid corrosion: why should we avoid exposing pearls to acids, alkali and chemicals, such as perfume, soap and water?Because this is for the pearl luster and color will not be affected, so do not wear your jewelry before makeup.And don't wear pearl jewelry for swimming or bathing.

2.Cashmere cloth service: every time you wear pearls, wipe your pearls before putting them away, so as to maintain the luster of pearls.When wiping, it is best to use sheepskin or fine flannelette, do not use the paper, because some of the paper will wear pearls.

3.Need air: don't keep the pearls in the safe for a long time, and don't seal them with plastic bags.Fresh air is needed between the pearls, which are worn every few months to allow them to breathe.If put in the box for a long time, the pearl will turn yellow easily.

4.Keep away from water: don't clean the pearl necklace with water.Water can enter the holes in the beads, making them hard to dry, possibly fermenting them and turning them green.If wear when gave a lot of sweat, usable soft wet towel is wiped carefully, after natural airing puts back jewelry box.When the pearl turns yellow, it can be remedied as follows: soak with dilute hydrochloric acid, dissolve the yellow shell, and make the pearl return the brilliant and charming color.But it's hard to reverse the color if it gets too yellow.

5.Keep away from the kitchen: pearl has tiny stomata on the surface, should not let it inhale the dirty material in the air so.Pearls absorb substances such as hairspray and perfume.So don't wear beautiful pearls to get your hair out, and be careful in the kitchen.Do not wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and soot may seep into the pearl, making it yellow.

6.Avoid exposure: as the pearl containing certain moisture, avoid direct exposure in the sun, or in a place is too dry, put the pearls in a cool place oh, at this time in order to prevent dehydration.

7.Scratch-resistant: why store your pearl jewelry separately?Because the pearl is relatively easy to scratch the jewelry, so if you want to wear pearl on the clothes, you wear clothes should choose less coarse cloth, so as not to scratch other jewelry pearl cortex.If you are going to wear beads on top of your clothes, the fabric of your clothes should be soft and smooth.Too coarse material may scratch away your precious pearls.

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