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Funroad booth factory popular, mobile space business high-end customized display cabinet introduction!

Source:深圳展柜定制设计厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:273    Pubtime:2018-05-29 10:00:46

Space flow mainly divided into two categories, one is the flow of virtual space, the change of the space, make the space becomes a kind of flow space, 2 it is reality reveals ark space flow, such as the rotation of the the whole exhibition hall, the closer to play a good publicity effect.Through high-tech images to form a make a person feel in the inside, as if just roaming in the space, the flow of the advertising vehicle, all of these make the concept of exhibits and more close, play a better propaganda effect.

Modern show on display should be done away with the practice of previous single display products, display space is: should be the commodity space, such as the counter display cabinet, Windows, shelves reveals ark, the third is the customer space.Has the characteristic, in the color, with the complete humanized space, it must platform;The second is the service space: throughout the exhibition space to mobilize all possible factors, try to be on modelling design, lighting, on the adornment gimmick to ingenuity, arrangement will show on display, life and humanity, the scene on the way to visit advocates the audience hands-on experience, take an active part in activities form the interaction, can also be within the exhibition set up reception hall, lounge or small gifts, send brochures and other flexible services, make the whole process of reveal ark space and complete, make the person feels not only see the goods on display but as a kind of enjoyment.

The display counter displays in the whole business exhibition design activity, the display cabinet not only exists as a design element, but also satisfies other functional requirements.

The above article is provided by shenzhen Funroad display cabinet manufacturer, with 20 years of experience in design of display cabinet, which will help you quickly improve the brand value in 2018.

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