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What about the color and lighting design of crystal jewelry display cases

Source:深圳展柜定制厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:86    Pubtime:2018-05-28 13:19:24

The lighting design of the crystal jewelry display case first comes from the top light source.Shop or shop in the shop usually with the top golden halide lamp and spotlights as the main light source, nanjing datangya exhibition cabinet and island cabinet form through the light belt lighting to improve the overall lighting of the jewelry counter area.The interior of the counter is illuminated with fluorescent lights to increase the overall brightness.

In addition, the front and left corners of the counter are more than equipped with cold light spotlights and LED lights as supplementary light sources. Nanjing datangaya exhibition cabinet is designed to enhance the three-dimensional sense of jewelry.The diamond counter, in particular, reflects the unique angular texture of diamonds through the irradiation of the corner spotlights or LED lights, thus stimulating customers' desire to buy.Jewelry display cabinets are usually small and delicate items that can be illuminated with spotlights or fiber optics.

Pay attention to the collocation of color, such as gold ornaments can use cold light cup, the silver or jewelry products solar cup may be used for lighting, for the production of heat, heat dissipation factor of the shelves, the processing of nanjing datang of cases such as the cost of the project permitting, using fiber optic lighting is also a good choice, advantage will not bring too much heat to shelves inside.The lighting design revolves around the principle of invisible lights to highlight the objects on display.

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