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Funroad showcase teaches you how to color the showcase

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:103    Pubtime:2020-09-22 11:45:25

  The display cabinet is a kind of props. It is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets and other shops to display and store products. It has the characteristics of appearance and powerful function, and also has advertising effect. It can provide a channel for brand products to display, and then achieve better profit intention. In order to attract customers' attention and promote customers' desire to buy products, the color equipment of display cabinets is particularly important. Then, how to allocate and use colors can make the target groups have corresponding associations and feelings? Next, Funroad decoration exhibition cabinet company will briefly introduce some color matching methods commonly used in color allocation of display cabinets.

1. Primary color assignment

  The color matching method of original color distribution is to seek a kind of color effect by focusing on the contrast and harmony between primary colors. Color distribution is usually used alone. Generally, a single color with high purity is directly used for color distribution, such as blue, green, red and black, white and gray. No matter what kind of single solid color is used, it is relatively simple to blend with black, white and gray to form a harmonious color matching. The characteristics of using primary color distribution are strong sense of component, outstanding eye-catching and high saturation; the disadvantage is that if it is not carefully used, it will form disharmony.

2. Match with the same color

  The color matching method of using the same color distribution is to make the original set of colors darker or lighter by participating in black or white. The first characteristic of the same kind of color distribution is that the color matching results feel soft. The word "harmony" can not be more appropriate to describe this color matching method.

3. Adjacent color assignment

  The process of using the adjacent color assignment method is to use similar colors on the color ring as adjacent colors, such as orange red and red, blue and green. Adjacent color distribution is a kind of harmony and change in color transition, and the amount of allocated colors is appropriate and abundant. The color matching method of adjacent colors is more flexible. It can use the combination of two or three kinds of color matching, can be distributed by the method of different color sets of rainbow, can be the distance bright, can be the distance is vague, generally limited. The first feature is rich and diverse distribution methods, relatively simple composition of color harmony.

  The above are some of the color matching methods commonly used in the display cabinet, hoping to help us. Funroad display cabinet factory supply display cabinet design, display cabinet manufacturing one-stop service, welcome to consult!

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