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What are the skills of jewelry display and how to identify the quality

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:103    Pubtime:2020-09-22 11:32:00

  Funroad display cabinet customization is the props used by many shops to show and store products. It has many excellent features. However, the display cabinets produced by different manufacturers have different requirements in terms of materials and planning art. Therefore, if we want to ensure the use effect after that, we need to grasp some methods of product quality when purchasing. Let's follow the Funroad display cabinet manufacturers See how to identify the product!

  1. Generally good quality display cabinet in the welding is not to see defects, so you can carefully observe the welding of the product, if the welding can see defects, it is a product of poor quality.

  2. The appearance of the display cabinet with better technology is full and smooth, and the color is uniform. It feels smooth and has no irritating smell. On the contrary, the poor quality of the product is the appearance of different colors, feel more rough.

  There are a lot of attention to the display of Funroad display cabinet. Different space environment, planning and layout scheme will be different. Reasonable layout will help to improve the space display and level in the store, and attract the attention of customers better. How to put the display cabinet?

  The purpose of Funroad display cabinet customization is to show the products to customers, so that the visual effect of the products can be better displayed. Therefore, the display cabinet must be placed neatly and reasonably, and can not be too chaotic, otherwise it will not only make customers feel fuzzy and lose the interest of purchasing, but also increase the process intensity and difficulty of the staff. Secondly, it is necessary to highlight the key points and place key high-quality products The display cabinet of quality products is placed in a conspicuous place, so that customers can see the products in the display cabinet comprehensively, so as to attract customers to buy.

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