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Have the strength exhibition cabinet plant workshop all is such management, reduce the display ark production cost!

Source:深圳展柜定制厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:528    Pubtime:2018-04-04 14:32:03

Place the order in time, the display cabinet first assembly and acceptance, plan and apply for related materials.The display cabinet is clear about the priorities of the matter, as far as possible to effectively control and rationally use human resources, find and avoid many detailed problems, and reduce unnecessary rework.In the aspect of cost control, the emphasis is on economy, especially on the rational utilization of board materials and the purchase and approval of related auxiliary materials.In view of the reimbursement, strictly examine relevant documents and standardize the ideology of the relevant team members.In the aspect of logistics transportation, the long-term cooperative transport vehicles are required to reduce the price according to the market conditions.

At the same time, the production department of our shenzhen display factory has also made some improvement in the production process of some products. The main aspects are as follows:

1. Responsible for the process change of the relevant counter and the change of LOGO;

2. To communicate with the leaders of the woodworking group and make a unified plan;

3. Hardware hanging wall for process improvement and other work.

Under six standard factory workshop management, before we do to all the staff of six specification requirements, on the basis of this, we've developed for department and workshop management of six standard, the content of the main points are as follows:

1. No products and operations are allowed in the corridor;

2. Materials in various regions, including raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, workstations, etc., shall be placed vertically and the wooden boards shall be 10 cm high from the ground;

3. Classification and labeling of auxiliary materials, consumables and department tools;

4. Neatness: each department is responsible for the area smallpox, cylinder, metope should be cleaned at least once a week, the workbench, the office platform, the ground must be daily clear, or clean at any time;

5. Equipment and electricity: the machine equipment is regularly maintained and reported to the electromechanical group for maintenance, all equipment, lighting and electricity must be turned off;

6. The department is in charge of the area floor, which can not be used for masks, blades, screws and other consumables.

As long as you work in shenzhen under production in the strict implementation of these specifications, can develop good working habits, children's clothing cases to improve their professional quality, virtually will improve the service quality and product quality.

Strengthen the on-site supervision, and organize relevant personnel the meeting in time, sheet is used, the related auxiliary material control, are discussed and the specification, after a period of efforts, the workshop environment and saving consciousness of the employees have improved, but also established a special inspection team to supervise and control.

Cases and process structure improvement and innovation in shenzhen, a group meeting, to explain and analyze often appear problem, especially for packaging aspects has carried on the strict specification, according to some quality problems in the hardware department, in a timely manner to adjust personnel.The quality requirements of each process are elaborated and trained, and the responsibility of self-inspection is strictly required to avoid the decline of product quality.

Presided over the meeting, many times to go out installation process, matters needing attention, communication skills, as well as the leader of the responsibilities and obligations, etc., made a lot of training work, go out for installation to cultivate a batch of new lead researchers, especially in the installation details to strengthen education, cultivating the staff's sense of responsibility and service concept.

For warehouse order picking management, count the material number of accessories, children's clothing materials under strictly controlled warehouse data, from the overall, bring to the company strict management of very good saving consciousness.In the whole production line, there is a lot of waste material misplacement, avoid the mess of the production line.

From the staff's thought and management to strengthen, and cooperate with the warehouse material control, the production line environment has been so much improved.In particular, there has been a noticeable improvement in the environmental hygiene of the hardware department.

From the wooden structure of portable, drag, and firm, to maximize the use of various materials, every day do nissan nissin, MangErBuLuan, from the point of nearly period of time, produce the phenomenon of wasting a lot less, because the company set up the audit team, for saving the cost of shenzhen reveals ark production has brought great benefits.

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