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How can display manufacturers compete for the high-end market?

Source:深圳展柜定做厂家    Author:凡路商业展柜    Visit:528    Pubtime:2018-04-04 14:44:35

With the improvement of the production level of the display cabinet, the quality of the display cabinet has also been improved, and many merchants have changed the display cabinets more frequently.This is a big business opportunity for the production enterprise, and the high-end customized display case is more potential.Shenzhen fan road display company tells us how cosmetics display companies compete in the market for high-end market.

China's custom display cases are almost all international brands, and some businesses even go back to China directly from abroad.Have cases to the personage inside course of study says, custom cosmetics cases and contains huge business opportunities, and if the cases of domestic enterprises to be stronger, in the high-end custom storefront name to a certain extent, so is also a good way.

So, how can you make high-end display case?

1, top designers is the enterprise soul, no matter what industry, talent is always the most important, cosmetics cases are no exception, have to design a good cases to design, is the competition of capital market.

2, have their own brand, if you want to compete for the high-end market, then start should locate good brands of high-end and luxury, customized high-end cosmetics cases and operation scheme to create their own brand of high-end.

3, essential to the first-class service, high-end service is very important on the market, to win customers, not only need perfect design, recognized reputation outside, still should have let the customer impeccably, feel the supreme service, it is absolutely necessary.

Cases and is indispensable for the cosmetics store, in addition to better put goods, there is a very important role is to attract the attention of the customer, so the cases is very exquisite appearance design, designers need to fully exert their imagination to create a different image.In the process of production would also need to pay attention to the aesthetic feeling of aesthetic creation, that is expressed by the information should be accurate, not crudely colonising an image and theme, they are totally bluffing, this was the key to modern cosmetics cases to make.Or the beginning of the merchants in the market competition is no credibility, also can cause consumer distrust of the psychological emphasis on store shelves made of authenticity, doesn't mean denying the richness of expression.On the contrary, in order to arouse people's emotion and arouse the desire of purchase, we must pay attention to the uniqueness, richness and novelty of expression techniques.

Commodity is the product of certain social productivity and scientific and technological level development.In essence, it embodies the evolution of history and the progress of human society.Practice has proved that the design of the more successful tend to have high intensity of stimulation or do STH unconventional or unorthodox in the form of feeling, and high technology and modern life style of high emotions, to arouse people's aesthetic feeling.Lack of time sense design lacks visual impact, so it is not easy to attract people, not for people's attention.

Seasons, every year a lot of girls all want to worry about how to preserve out-of-season cosmetics, skin care cosmetics the preservation of these things is very exquisite, if made the taboo, then goes off and damage the skin, so we should learn how to save the cosmetics.

1, anti high temperature metamorphic cosmetics, the best preserved temperature below 35 ℃, where the temperature is too high to save words will lead to moisture to evaporate in the cosmetics, dry, appear even bad phenomenon, so, pay attention to the heat.

2, avoid direct sunlight, and the high temperature in the same way, if it is in the sunshine point-blank can lead to evaporation and lead to not work even bad, moreover the cosmetics containing a large number of drugs and chemicals, easy because of the sun's ultraviolet rays and chemical change, make its effect is reduced, so the cosmetics due to pay attention to prevent sun.Also, should be careful not to take the product in the display case when buying cosmetics in the cosmetic display case, because the products here are always exposed to the light, which is easy to change.

3. Pay attention to the antifreeze and moisture-proof of cosmetics. If the cold storage of cosmetics is prone to frostbite, the defrost may be separated by oil and water, which will stimulate the skin.Some cosmetics contain a lot of protein and honey, and it is prone to mildew after damp.

4. The cosmetics should be kept clean. If there are bacteria that can easily damage the skin, the bottle cap should be tightened to prevent bacterial invasion.The term of use of cosmetics is usually one year, not more than two years, so it should be noted that the use of the cosmetics within the effective period can never be used again.

In environmental protection has become a basic requirement of today, cosmetics cases and also requirement accord with environmental protection, cosmetics cases to the environmental protection is mainly embodied in formaldehyde release a quantity, if the release quantity is greater than the standard specified value, then explain manufacturers use unqualified raw materials, or not the adhesive quality in the process of production or excessive use.It is known that formaldehyde pollutes the air and endangers human health.

In addition, cosmetics cases and production also need to ensure the quality, some craft that do not pass, falls off easily caused under sealing side, or some small production of non-standard manufacturers to reduce costs and save material, don't do sealing side processing.

Cases to make a key is sturdy and durable, so the intensity of drawer slideway, metal parts material demands, wooden parts materials, wood moisture content of the project is one of the important indicators to ensure sturdy.

This article is provided by shenzhen Funroad jewelry display cabinet direct selling manufacturer: 20 years of jewelry store display cabinet design experience, 2018 will help you to rapidly improve the brand value.

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