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How does the ever-changing jewelry counter protect the surface

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:凡路珠宝柜台制作厂家    Visit:250    Pubtime:2018-07-31 16:41:28

The style of jewelry counter changes thousands of thousands of, the style with originality but each has its own characteristics, according to the commodity demand and the ground position, can do the standard shape or the special type counter, the new style innovation jewelry display cabinet counter, make the product model elegant, wonderful, cheap and elegant.

The commonly used surface treatment method of jewelry counter plate is flame retardant coating.In addition, the film will age under the action of environmental factors over a long period of time.The other is an expansive coating.This kind of coating burns quickly before the wood is on fire, producing a kind of non-combustible gas, Qingdao jewelry display cabinet, and the gas expands rapidly, forming a protective layer on the wood surface, making the combustible gas formed by the wood thermal decomposition difficult to be ignited by the external fire source, and also unable to form a flame burning, good flame retardant effect.However, this kind of coating has poor appearance and must be maintained regularly in order to maintain effective flame retardant effect.Some expansive coatings are based on natural or synthetic polymer, adding foaming agent, foaming agent, carbon source and other flame retardant components.It can form even and dense honeycomb or spongy carbon foam layer under the action of flame.The main purpose of the jewelry counter is to show the most beautiful side of the jewelry to the customers, so what kind of visual effect the jewelry counter can bring to the jewelry products, it is totally necessary to see how the jewelry display cabinet is designed.Professional booth factory, there are tens of millions of cases for your reference.

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