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How long does it take to customize a jewelry display cabinet?

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:14    Pubtime:2020-12-07 16:23:19

In the jewelry industry, jewelry display cabinet customization is essential for every business that needs to open a store. But how much do you really know about the planning and manufacturing of jewelry display cabinets? After all, jewelry display cabinet manufacturing is also a manual customization profession. As long as it is a custom occupation, there will be some problems. Every business can't wait to deliver and install it tomorrow. Therefore, Xiaobian discussed with us the general situation of jewelry display cabinet manufacturers. How long does it take to make a stainless steel jewelry display cabinet?

It is not a simple job to make jewelry display cabinet. It should be made according to the shop drawing provided by the manufacturer or factory. It can help you plan the construction drawing and measure the size of space. In the middle stage of customization, it should be manufactured according to the planning process, site scale, raw materials and customer requirements. The production time of the general order is usually 15-30 days. Because the jewelry display cabinet is not a fast moving consumer product, every step of customization needs a certain time to complete the high-quality display cabinet.

If ask, why can other manufacturer produce in a few days? Can advocate you go to factory to inquire quality only. Not every jewelry display cabinet manufacturer has quality assurance and workmanship. Jewelry display cabinet factory on jewelry display cabinet production process is also extremely strict. From the initial scale measurement to the completion of planning drawings, the general demand is about 15-18 days. Of course, the plan is still a routine moment. The center business may change the previous planning scheme, so that the planning scheme can be re planned, so we must choose the jewelry display cabinet manufacturer with integrity and professional.

How long does it take to customize a batch of jewelry display cabinets? The more quantity, the longer the period, which is beyond doubt. A large number of jewelry display cabinets choose large display cabinet factory, the cycle must be shorter, because the large display cabinet factory has better mechanical equipment and more personnel, it can be completed in a shorter time. The time required to customize the jewelry display cabinet is directly proportional to the process difficulty and the number of display cabinets. The more delicate the jewelry display cabinet, the longer the construction time for the construction master. Generally speaking, the difficulty and quantity of jewelry display cabinets affect the length of production time.

Of course, the time here refers to the normal situation, there are also abnormal conditions, such as abnormal weather. In this case, I think any manufacturer can not complete the delivery of customers on time and on time, which requires the relevant personnel of jewelry display cabinet manufacturers to tell customers quickly to prevent unnecessary loss to customers.
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