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The function of display cabinet function diagram

Source:Funroad Exhibition & Display    Author:Admin    Visit:60    Pubtime:2020-11-30 16:50:11

The company understands that in the current consumer market, more and more products are gradually marketing to women and children, and in cosmetics, jewelry and other occupations, they are directly facing female consumer groups. We also found that in the cosmetics and jewelry industry, no matter the type of product, the detailed planning, or the use style of the product display cabinet, they are generally planned according to the concept of female friends. This is due to this particularity, which requires shop owners to pay attention to the reality of the display case action diagram when planning the display cabinet. As long as we can find out the deficiency and find out the demand adjustment and improvement in the actual function diagram, we can meet the needs of women friends in the physical sales. However, there are some subtle differences between the action drawing and the construction drawing.

In the modern product sales, the use of the display cabinet is to better attract more customers, so that customers can directly contact the product or see the product directly in the local area. So in the display cabinet customization, a well planned display cabinet action diagram can see the details of the display cabinet manufacturing and style. There are two kinds of drawings used in the manufacture of Exhibition cabinets: working drawing and construction drawing. The differences are as follows:

1. The function diagram of the display cabinet is relatively intuitive with respect to the construction drawing. From the action diagram, we can directly see the style, color and arrangement of the display cabinet, as well as the posture of the shop after the practical installation, which is easy to understand.

2. There is no detailed working drawing of display cabinet. The function diagram of the display cabinet only shows the function after the installation of the shop. The construction drawings of the exhibition cabinet depict the size very precisely

3. As for the site construction personnel, the construction drawings of the display cabinet are much more useful than the action drawings. The construction personnel can only carry out the construction and complete the installation according to the construction drawings of the exhibition cabinet. It is necessary to pay attention to the exhibition cabinet engineering. The function diagram of the display cabinet must be combined with the construction drawing of the exhibition cabinet. Both complement each other and are indispensable. Now the market competition of the products is encouraging. In order to better highlight the theme and characteristics of the products, the exhibition cabinet manufacturing company will generally grasp the literary and artistic style and imagination space embodied in the display cabinet. Whether the role of a display cabinet diagram can really start from the deployment of products. As for women friends, it is difficult to attract their consumption if the function diagram of cosmetics display cabinet and the display cabinet of practice can not be well blended together.

On the other hand, the actual role of the display cabinet can win the respect of customers and win the favor of customers. The actual action map can attract people's attention and influence their purchase desire. When some national products use national style display cabinets, customers will have a sense of belonging and have a strong purchase intention.
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