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How should the lighting of the jewelry counter be set?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:246    Pubtime:2018-08-22 17:31:03
With good jewellery items, you can bring the best visual effects to your jewellery? The lighting can not be effectively found in the beautiful jewels, not to mention the jewellery is set off, the lighting is very important in the exhibition, often called the soul of the furnishings, valuable jewelry Jewelry increases the degree of glare by ideal light illumination, which can show the beauty of the material and the delicateness and exquisiteness of the processing technology. The lighting can also fully embody different characteristics, materials and color effects, and use the effective color light to increase the special atmosphere of the store to attract purchase. It is also necessary for the attention of the person to promote the purchase of goods by the consumer.

There are four main types of lights used in jewelry display:

First, the lighting

The basic lighting of the store, that is, the uniform lighting at the top of the store, to evenly illuminate the display of goods, in this top-down, average illumination of the light, the three-dimensional sense, texture and color of the goods, generally create a good visual feeling.

Second, the image light

Mainly refers to local lighting, intended to highlight the unique color, material, and the value of the merchandise. With partial lighting, the image or design concept of the product is vividly presented in front of the customer to attract attention, infect emotions, and impress. People's hearts, and then play a role in promotion.

Third, the atmosphere light

The atmosphere of the display effect reflects that the design of the atmosphere light requires a special lighting combination, or a special color light source, and can also learn from the stage art and stage lighting to achieve the design effect and purpose.

Fourth, guided light

Guide the lighting of the line of sight, the guiding light design has a suggestive effect, allowing consumers to stop and wait and focus on the main products in a certain area to increase sales.

Five, color light dividing line

Jewelry items that leave the lighting can't achieve the desired effect. How to use the lighting to match the expected effect of jewelry props, to enhance the customer's desire to buy, different stores need different lights, and different lights can highlight the atmosphere of different store themes.

The introduction of the lighting setup of the jewelry counter is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase is looking forward to working with you.
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