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The correct way to place the jewelry counter!

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Commodity display has two kinds of properties: one, for people to watch and browse; second, people have the desire to buy, this kind of drawing is set according to the customer's psychological process, the customer's psychological activities are summarized: gaze-feeling interest-association-generating desire- The comparative trade-off-trust-decision action-satisfies eight stages.

At present, there are mainly symmetrical methods, contrast methods, and rhythm methods.

First, the symmetry method

Jewelry is displayed on the principle of symmetry, and its subdivision can be divided into axisymmetric method and central symmetry method.

Axisymmetric method

The center line of the counter top is the axis of symmetry. The jewels on both sides are symmetrical. The common patterns are rectangular, trapezoidal and various combinations.

Central symmetry

That is, jewellery is arranged symmetrically around a certain center, and the common patterns are round and radial.

Second, the contrast method

The skillful combination of two or more different colors and shapes of jewellery creates a visual difference, thereby highlighting and rendering the theme jewelry. The contrast display mainly shows color contrast, texture contrast, style contrast and so on.

Third, the rhythm method

"Rhythm" is originally a rhythmic beauty in music theory. It is extended to the concept of time and space in jewelry display. This reminds us from the rational point of view that we should fully utilize the principles of vocal music, yang, ton, and frustration in conceiving, designing and implementing exhibitions. The counter display has a clear contrast of color, a dense arrangement, and a three-dimensional effect.

Basic requirements: reasonable positioning, outstanding theme, rich products, neat and beautiful.

First, reasonable positioning

Positioning determines the style and grade of jewelry counters. Jewelry merchandise counter layout, display style and grade should be consistent with the style and grade of the entire store. As a high-end boutique jewelry store, it should be distinguished by luxury and exquisiteness, emphasizing the artistic atmosphere. As a general jewelry store for the public, its merchandise placement should be rich and detailed, so that consumers can feel that they can afford it and buy it. .

Second, the theme is outstanding

The theme is to require the jewellery counter to be arranged and displayed in a clear body, so that the customer can understand at a glance, this is the counter for selling something. In order to highlight the main body, the classification of the goods should be arranged in an orderly manner, often with special counters and special areas. To make the sales subject at a glance. The common classification methods are as follows:

a. Set up special counters and special zones with large categories and jewellery varieties. Such as gold jewelry counters, diamond counters, jade counters.

b. Set up counters with characteristics such as jewelry style or fashion trends. Including the popular jewelry series counters and traditional jewelry series counters.

Third, the product is rich

Product rich refers to the rich and substantial display of counter products; the variety, specifications, styles are complete, and the quantity is sufficient. To make the display of counter products rich, the density of the products and the proportion of main and auxiliary products should be used.

a, species density

Species density = number of merchandise types / total number of merchandise displayed × 100%
The higher the species density, the lower the repetition rate of the displayed product, the more the variety of colors displayed, and the better the product combination performance. In the specific sales environment, the jewels displayed in the counter are placed in the same variety and the same style with up to 1~3 pieces. Excessive repetition will make people feel that the counter products are similar, monotonous and dull, which will affect the sales effect.

b. Control the ratio of main products to auxiliary products

Goods that make a company profitable are products that are unique or can compete with other companies. At the time of display, it cannot be placed overwhelmingly because the main products can be profitable, which also produces a monotonous feeling. At the time of display, the proportion of main and auxiliary products should be controlled. Generally speaking, the proportion of main products displayed is small, at around 20%, not more than 50%. The rest are for bedding products, and the bedding products can increase the variety of colors to attract customers.

Fourth, neat and beautiful

It is neat and tidy and clean. The props and jewellery placed on the counter are clean, neat and beautiful, and the color of the merchandise and other items are harmonious and the composition is beautiful.

The introduction of the correct method of placing the jewelry counter is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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