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Cosmetic Display Counter

How to choose a cosmetics display showcase

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When people buy goods, cosmetic cabinets need to play a role in attracting customers. At this point, it has to do something to stop the customer. To further emphasize the display effect of cosmetic display cabinets, our Qidian Props Office Furniture provides the skills to purchase cosmetic display cabinets. You should be aware of the following:

From a material point of view

Wooden painted cosmetics display cabinets are the most commonly used cosmetics display cabinets in modern large shopping malls and are often used to display luxury items and luxury items. Therefore, the material of the cosmetic display cabinets has an overall display space and display effect. Luxury cosmetic display cabinets are generally customized. Cosmetic display cabinets can be created according to the design requirements of different specifications and styles. Naturally, the material is not bad. Users should pay attention to the texture and lacquer of the wood at the time of purchase. .. The finer the quality and texture, the better the product.

Seen from the color

If you want beauty, you can also choose metal materials. Such cosmetic display cabinets use aluminum alloy frames and stainless steel frames. Available in matte gold, silver white, black and white. Of course, the color samples can also be customized according to your requirements. In general, high-quality gold and metal items use a lot of matte light black, and leather goods, tobacco, alcohol and handicrafts use more gold frames to fit the blackboard. Color choices are usually based on the customer's requirements for the product. be careful. The colors of the cosmetic packaging cannot be collided with each other.

From the light

Of course, light and color are two different things in display design, but their relationship is very close. To some extent, the color of a light source determines the color state of an object, and light is an important factor in determining color. The design should be combined with lighter elements to give a unified consideration. Due to its overall effect, cosmetic display cabinets are increasingly accepted and loved by merchants and the general public due to their bright, intuitive and diverse forms and strong visual impact. Among them, light plays a good role. Light intensity, luminaire types, colors, lighting methods, etc. need to be changed or adjusted according to the needs of the product type in order to obtain different display atmospheres and present a unique artistic appeal. .. During setup, the color temperature of the light source on the display case is usually 2700k-6400k, the color temperature is low in yellow or red, the color temperature is high, and the white light is dazzling, so it is suitable for cosmetics. exhibition.
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