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Cosmetic Display Counter

Detailed introduction of cosmetic showcase types

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Exhibits usually play a role in setting off the exhibits and setting off the atmosphere of the space in the exhibition. The shape, color, material, texture, etc. of the exhibits must be consistent with the style of the display environment, the nature of the display, and the characteristics of the exhibits. The size and characteristics of the exhibits determine the form and characteristics of the exhibits, and should be combined with the specifications and display of the exhibits The size of the space is considered comprehensively and the exhibition equipment is selected. Don't blindly create new ideas in the design of the exhibits, so that the exhibits dominate the audience and affect the effect of the exhibits. The scale and size design of the exhibition equipment must meet the requirements of ergonomics, so that it is convenient for the audience to visit, and is safe and does not make the audience visual fatigue. Cosmetics display counter are one of the indispensable materials for booth construction. There are two main types: skeleton type and display type.

1. Skeleton

The framework category refers to the supporting framework exhibition equipment for hanging, supporting, fixing display panels, splicing joint booths, display cabinets, etc., and is also the supporting shape of the partition and ceiling that constitute the booth. The appearance image is a frame structure.

2. Display

Display counter are brackets for displaying exhibits, with diversified shapes, large or small volumes, and shapes can be single or combined. The commonly used materials for display counter are wood, metal, plastic, glass and textile materials.

The skeleton display counter are divided into two types: special display counter and standardized display counter.

1. Special display rack

Special exhibition counter are usually specially designed, a one-time dedicated exhibition space skeleton structure, and the link parts are not easy to disassemble. Special display counter with diverse artistic styles.

2. Standardized display rack

Standardized display counter are mostly made of high-strength lightweight aluminum-manganese alloy, steel and stainless steel profiles, glass fiber reinforced plastics and other materials, such as pipe fittings, connectors, clips and stainless steel, spring steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, rubber and other materials to manufacture small parts and accessories. Become.

Standardized display counter can also be called dismountable display counter. They are composed of prefabricated components such as standardized beams and columns with a certain cross-sectional shape, a certain specification, and a certain length specification, and easy-to-install connectors. It can also assemble showcases, booths, etc. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, can be used multiple times, has a variety of shapes, is sturdy in assembly, and can be assembled in a short time. Most of the standard display counter are assembled by means of component connection. Common connecting components include plug-in type, clip-on type, stretch-type, hook type, bolt type, ball-joint type and lock type.

The selection of exhibition equipment must be safe. The structure is sturdy and safe, the shape should be simple, and try not to use complicated stitching and flower decoration. The materials and colors used on the surface of the exhibition equipment should prevent glare, and avoid light emission and reflection through surface treatment.

From the perspective of economy and environmental protection, the exhibition in a short period of time should use as few specially designed exhibition equipment as possible to facilitate the installation and save expenses. The use of standardized exhibition equipment is convenient for assembly, disassembly, storage, transportation, and production after dismantling. There is less waste of building materials.
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