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How to design a beautiful jewelry display showcase

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:33    Pubtime:2021-08-14 15:21:01
1. The choice of lighting
The halogen lamp consumes a lot of power and emits a warm yellow light. LEDs have low power consumption and emit cool white light. Choose according to your needs for light and color. The lighting design of the jewelry display cabinet first comes from the top light source. Fluorescent lamps are often used to illuminate the inside of jewelry display cabinets to improve the overall brightness. In addition, cold light spotlights and LED lights are installed at the left and right corners of the front of the counter as supplementary light sources to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the jewelry. Especially jewelry display cabinets reflect the unique angular texture of diamonds through corner spotlights or LED lights to stimulate customers' desire to buy. The goods sold in the jewelry store are more expensive, and they must highlight the crystal clear effect. The dazzling effect can better set off the noble quality of the jewelry. It is also simple and generous. After all, the jewelry that attracts customers' attention must be jewelry, not other decorations. Embellishment. Metal halide lamps and spotlights on the top surface are the main light sources, and the jewelry island cabinet form is illuminated by light strips to improve the overall lighting effect of the jewelry area.

2. Visual effects
The purpose of jewelry showcase design is to enable consumers to receive information most effectively in limited time and space. Therefore, the jewelry display cabinet design is centered on how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the display activities. In addition to the design of the display environment itself, the design of the display form of the display object is also an important content of the jewelry showcase design.

3. Subsidiary materials
The accessory materials of the showcase are actually some decorations of the showcase, such as carvings, inkjets, etc. The design should not be too fancy, it should be designed in combination with the overall image of the jewelry store, so that the auxiliary materials such as inkjet and carving can play an embellishment effect.
Modern showcase design, based on the commonality in visual behavior, jewelry showcase design should introduce many principles of plane composition, three-dimensional composition and color composition, and form relatively complete design principles and rules in the practice of jewelry showcase design.
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