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The world's top hive art, the jewelry showcase is exquisitely structured!

Source:Funroad    Author:Funroad    Visit:33    Pubtime:2021-08-14 16:06:42
In the world, not only humans are experts in architecture, but bees also have their own artistic talents. The hive built by bees with beeswax is a magnificent building that is both light and strong, beautiful and practical. The famous biologist Darwin admired the architectural art of bees very much. He said: "The exquisite structure of the hive meets the needs. If a person sees the hive and does not appreciate it, then he must be a fool."

In the 4th century AD, the mathematician Papus told us that the hive is the most economical shape. Under the same other conditions, the structure of this regular hexagonal prism has the largest volume and uses the least materials. He gave a rigorous proof, so that we have to be impressed by the superb architectural art of bees. Marx also spoke highly of it: the ability of bees to build hives makes many architects in the world feel ashamed. Now, many architects are beginning to imitate the structure of the hive and apply them to the practice of architecture.

Bees are well-deserved first-class construction engineers. They collect honey and pollen from flowers and then convert this raw material into beeswax, an extraordinary building material. Seen from the cross section of the hive, the hive is composed of equilateral hexagons one by one, and the bottom of the hive is composed of three rhombuses.

The structure of the hive brought a storm of inspiration to the design field, so the "hive" design concept was born. The structure and characteristics of the hive inspired the designer and produced many works of art. So, let's take a look together next!

The "beehive" shaped jewelry cabinet maximizes the use of space while also using the least amount of raw materials. The external vision is silvery white representing nobility, dignity, purity, and eternity; the filling part is purple-red representing mystery, passion, power, nobility, and romance, integrating a sense of modernity and history.

This kind of "six prism" display cases design looks different in height, but it makes people feel very good "visual gradient". The designer can take this into consideration to show a kind of spiritual care. When designing and creating, fully consider the perspective of experience and win the goodwill of consumers. Therefore, in a sense, it can be said that caring about consumer design is the real art.

The regular hexagon contains six equilateral triangles, which means stability and beauty. We combine three "hexagonal prisms" into a "closed" exhibition space, which is like a crystal. It not only embodies the relationship between line and line, line and surface, surface and surface, but also includes essential concepts such as space, logic, and abstraction. We can express artistically from different aspects such as interest and imagination, vision and intuition, technology and value, integrity and difference, and create different artistic effects.

Different forms of breakthroughs and innovations all convey the same concept. In different artistic effects, we have to extract the elements we need. Just as the "Rongrun Pearlescent Eight Treasures Showcase" from the regular hexagon to the regular eight sides is unique. The slender frame design is stable and safe is its biggest highlight. The combination of black and gold is both noble and elegant. Such exquisite and beautiful art reveals carefulness everywhere.

Among them, it is worth noting that the "Rongrun Pearlescent Eight Treasures Showcase" removes unnecessary elements, shows no unnecessary decorations, and no complicated furnishings. It not only embodies the designer's delicate thoughts, but also contains excellent impression art.
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