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How to design a high-end jewelry showcase?

Source:凡路珠宝展柜    Author:凡路珠宝展柜    Visit:419    Pubtime:2018-08-15 17:16:25
To be high-end, we must consider the combination of shape, material and color. We must combine the connotation of the brand and the type of product. At the same time, the jewelry showcase does not exist independently. It is necessary to consider the cooperation of space design. The design of the showcase should be combined with the space design. Split open. How to design a high-end jewelry showcase? Funroad Jewelry Showcase will introduce you to the design concept of jewelry showcase.

First, the visual effects:

The modern showcase design, based on the commonality in visual behavior, the showcase design should introduce many principles of plane composition, three-dimensional composition and color composition, and form relatively complete design principles and rules in the practice of showcase design. The purpose of the showcase design is to enable consumers to receive information most efficiently in limited time and space. Therefore, the showcase design is built around how to effectively improve the efficiency and quality of the show. In addition to the design of the display environment itself, the design of the display object display form is also an important part of the showcase design. Therefore, in addition to studying the basic rules of general space design, the visual physiology and psychological process of the researcher is the basic premise of the showcase design when viewing the display object. Therefore, the design of the showcase should be as comfortable as possible for the customer to look comfortable.

Second, the showcase lighting:

The halogen lamp consumes a large amount of electricity and has a warm yellow color. LEDs and other small power consumption, cool white light. Choose according to your needs for light color. The lighting design of the display cabinet comes first from the top light source. Fluorescent lighting is often used on the inside of the display cabinet to increase overall brightness. In addition, cold light spotlights and LED lights are installed at the left and right corners of the front side of the counter as a supplemental light source to enhance the three-dimensionality of the product. In particular, the jewelry display cabinet, through the corner spotlights or LED lights, reflects the unique angular texture of the diamond to stimulate the customer's desire to purchase. Jewelry stores sell more expensive items, and they must highlight the crystal clear effect. The dazzling effect can better set off the noble quality of jewelry. It is also simple and generous. After all, it must be jewelry, not other decorations. Dotted items. The top metal halide lamp and spotlight are the main light sources, while the island cabinet form is illuminated by the light strip to improve the area lighting effect.

Third, the color of the showcase:

The color design of the showcase should be simple. If the color changes too much, it will easily cause the visual fatigue of the consumers, but it will not reach the important effect. Using the standard colors and their approximate colors in the corporate logo can solve the above problems very simply. The color design of the logo is extremely precise and simple. In terms of accuracy, the choice of color for the logo is the most demanding and rigorous of all art forms. It must conform to the nature of the product of the enterprise. What kind of characteristics do the products have, and what kind of color must be used to reflect In terms of simplicity, the other principle of the logo for the color of the showcase is simplicity, just like a person with clothes, generally no more than three colors. The harmonious color makes people positive, clear, relaxed and happy; the disharmonious color is the opposite, it makes people feel negative, depressed, heavy and tired.

Four: subsidiary materials:

The accessory materials used in the showcase are actually some decorations of the showcase, such as carving and painting. Can not be designed too fancy, should be combined with the overall image of the store to design, let the inkjet, carved and other ancillary materials to embellish the effect.

The introduction of how to design a high-end jewelry showcase is here, and the Van Jewelry Showcase looks forward to working with you.
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