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How to design display cabinets in shopping malls?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:39    Pubtime:2019-03-25 17:51:52
General shopping malls need to check the display cabinet layout, business scope, fire equipment, safety monitoring equipment and safety export settings. The person in charge of the shopping mall should take a highly responsible attitude towards life and property, take responsibility for management and ensure the overall safety of the shopping mall. According to the characteristics of commercial places, we should strengthen the investigation of fire safety during festivals, and strengthen the training of safety knowledge of managers and business personnel to ensure safety without hidden dangers. Following is a brief introduction to the coordination of key points in the design of display cabinets in shopping malls.

For example, the display cabinet of Funroad makes full use of the space structure of building sky, ground, wall, column and beam to extend the surface and line of commodity display and brand image display as far as possible. If the display cabinet is located in the center of the store or in the escalator position, it is necessary to make full use of the pillars to extend the display surface. If there are no pillars, the characteristics of materials can also be mobilized to build walls without pillars, but the overall requirements of the height of the market should be taken into account.

The display space should be sparse, dense, high, low and display level should conform to the visual effect of ergonomics. The display cabinet should be designed with comfort and convenience for customers to browse and deliver goods far and near. Especially, the geometric features of the product shape should be combined, such as the specifications of men's, women's and children's clothes of soft commodities. Therefore, the length, width, height and display of the display cabinet should be designed. The way is quite different. The display space design of hard commodity display cabinet is more complex than that of soft commodity, which mainly depends on the classification of hard commodity and the different geometric features of its shape. Therefore, when designing the display space of hard commodity, it is more important to study and analyze the geometric features of its shape.

The distance between display cabinet and display cabinet, the channel between display cabinet and exhibition stand and exhibition stand should not be less than 900mm in principle, so as to facilitate the flow of customers or stop to select goods, without causing customers hanging, knocking, and collision between customers.

The height of display cabinet in a brand area should follow the ladder-like principle of high inside and low outside. The design height of the soft commodity exhibition shelf near the passage is not too high (below 1500mm) and the thickness should not exceed 600 mm, and it has permeability, which is convenient for customers to watch the commodity or see through the display of the commodity inside, and it is also helpful for salesmen to observe the commodity and customers (to prevent the loss of the commodity).

The point, line and surface design of display cabinets and exhibition shelves for both soft and hard commodities should be simple in general, especially the decorative lines or surface layers should be few and not easy to be complicated, because display cabinets and exhibition shelves are props to foil commodities, too many lines or decorative lines will affect the display of commodities, form a primary and secondary indiscriminate, and also disrupt the line of sight of customers in choosing commodities. At the same time, too many decorative lines will increase the production cost and increase the cost.

This is the introduction of how to design display cabinets in shopping malls. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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