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Which jewelry display cabinet is better for opening a new shop?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:227    Pubtime:2019-03-26 17:23:00
What kind of jewelry display cabinet should we choose?

At present, there are three kinds of jewelry display cabinets: glass jewelry display cabinet, wood jewelry display cabinet and stainless steel jewelry display cabinet. We first understand the three kinds of jewelry display cabinets from the material. Glass display cabinets and wood display cabinets have occupied the mainstream market in the past decades. As a result, jewelry display cabinets are generally glass and wood in people's concept. In fact, in the past decade, glass display cabinets and wood display cabinets occupy less and less market share. At present, metal display cabinets are generally used, among which stainless steel jewelry display cabinets occupy the largest market share, so stainless steel jewelry display cabinets are called the emperor of jewelry display cabinets.

Why does this happen? There are roughly two reasons: First, the stainless steel display cabinet has a strong texture, which can set off the precious gas and spirit of jewelry. Simply put a jewelry of 500 yuan in wooden display cabinet and glass display cabinet may give people the feeling that it is worth 1000 yuan, but in stainless steel display cabinet, it may give people the feeling that it is worth 2000 yuan. 2. The patterns and patterns that stainless steel display cabinets can make are not easy to make for wood display cabinets and glass display cabinets. So if you first need to fix the price of the jewelry you sell, if you want to get a higher profit, choose the stainless steel jewelry display cabinet.

There are generally three channels for choosing the purchase channels of jewelry display cabinets:

(1) Distributors: The price is more expensive, they usually quote according to the rice price, the pattern is complex and additional money, and can not be directly after-sales. Special attention is needed. If the dealer says there is a spot, it's better not to buy it. Because jewelry display cabinets are customized products, the stock is backlog or not popular display cabinets.

(2) Second-hand merchants: have their own factories, but only do a part of them. They only do the last step to process more wood and glass. Find them a little more reliable than dealers, at least wood and glass prices will be a little lower.

(3) Jewelry display cabinet factory: Jewelry display cabinet production is relatively complex, and the process span is large, involving stainless steel processing, plate processing, glass processing, installation and so on. So it is impossible for the jewelry display cabinet factory to finish the last one from the first one. If the jewelry display cabinet factory promises you to do it all from the factory, it will be deceiving.

In summary, according to your own needs, I suggest you choose Vanlu Jewelry Exhibition Cabinet Factory.

Here's a good introduction about what jewelry display cabinet to open a new shop. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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