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How to design modern Chinese display cabinet?

Source:凡路展柜厂    Author:凡路展柜厂    Visit:41    Pubtime:2019-02-25 17:41:33
Modern Chinese display cabinet contains two meanings: one is that display cabinet must be modern, inherit and develop the traditional Chinese style and cultural connotation, meet the needs of modern life style and meet the requirements of modern aesthetics. However, the classical display cabinet left over from history, or the traditional display cabinet restored, or the art decoration display cabinet reconstructed from ancient wood, etc. do not belong to the category of modern Chinese display cabinet; secondly, the display cabinet must be Chinese, which is designed by the exploration and innovation of the traditional display cabinet style. The so-called "Chinese style" is not limited to the traditional style of display cabinet, it can be a re-emergence of a certain element of traditional display cabinet shape, can be an organic combination of several display cabinet shapes, can also seek from other traditional shapes, such as traditional Chinese architecture, ceramics and other elements, and even can explore Western traditional or modern elements of shape, but there is one. The point is affirmative, its theme is Chinese, rich in Chinese cultural connotation.

At present, the development and design of modern Chinese display cabinet is still in the stage of exploration and development. Because there are different understandings in design ideas, concepts, methods and forms in the industry, there are differences in its design practice tendency. Generally speaking, there are two main types of modern Chinese display cabinets in the domestic market.

(1) Continuation and Improvement of "Shape" - Imitating Chinese Style

This kind of display cabinet design is based on the imitation and improvement of the traditional Chinese display cabinet (mainly Ming-style display cabinet and Qing-style display cabinet), but it is not a copy of the "excessive representativeness" of the display cabinet style in Ming and Qing Dynasties, but an abstract imitation and improvement of the "shape" and "style" of the display cabinet on the basis of inheriting the traditional display cabinet production technology and modeling techniques. Usually, the methods adopted include element transfer, overall simplification, scattering and reconstruction, etc. While concentrating on "shape similarity", the actual manufacturing process of display cabinet mainly considers the renewal of manufacturing technology, material replacement and mechanized processing methods. This kind of display cabinet continues the Chinese tradition in the form inheritance, and the improvement of "shape" also enhances the fashion and artistry of display cabinet, while it has the sense of modern technology in texture and technology.

(2) Expansion and Innovation of "Meaning"--New Chinese Style

Artistic conception is an important category of Chinese traditional aesthetics.  "Exhibition cabinet meaning" or "design meaning" includes two aspects of artistic conception and image, and is also the key content to represent the style and cultural connotation of display cabinet. The design concept of this kind of display cabinet is to create a display cabinet that satisfies the modern life style on the premise of conforming to the Chinese cultural tradition and aesthetic spirit. It does not limit the form and expression method of the display cabinet, but concentrates on the relevance of image, artistic conception and Chinese culture. Poetry, painting, architecture and craft can be used for reference and application in the design of the display cabinet. In order to identify the Chinese cultural characteristics at the level of "meaning", and in the perspective of "shape", more modern international modeling languages, such as simplicity, humanization, emotionalization, are used.

This is the introduction of how to design modern Chinese display cabinet. Funroad Commercial Show is looking forward to cooperating with you.
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